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ISSN 2053689

On our cover this month we welcome back one

of our favourite shooter franchises of the last

decade. It’s taken a few years to get this latest

sequel, until Gearbox felt that it could deliver a

suitably massive follow-up the series’ hugely
successful first two outings. OXM went to LA

for Borderlands 3’s big gameplay reveal and got

hands-on with the looter-shooter to find out just

how many guns the game developers were going

to give us this time! It’s billions. Find out more from
page 46! We celebrate the heroes of level design

this month, as we talk to the developers behind

the best stages of some of our favourite Xbox

games. See page 64! Elsewhere we take a trip

to Rare HQ to talk to studio head honcho Craig

Duncan (page 56), and as always we’ve got all the
latest news, previews and reviews from the world

of Xbox gaming! Enjoy!

Chris Burke
We’ve been inspired by
Borderlands 3 to invent
our own weird and
wonderful weapons.
Chris created a reality-
warping laser rife and
used to it add his very
own star to Hollywood’s
Walk Of Fame.

Loving a little

bit of looting


Adam Bryant
Staff writer
Inspired by his studio
visit to Rare, Adam
created a giant flintlock
pistol and demanded
that we all talk to
him only using pirate
language. Yeargh.

Rob Crossland
Art editor
Rob fashioned together
a Division 2-style drone,
complete with a tractor
beam, and uses it
to clear the roads of
traffic so he can use his
motorbike in peace.

Drew Sleep
Production editor
Our spell-checker
brought us a red pen,
telling us that it’s the
only weapon he needs.
We looked confused, so
he wrote ‘NOT WORTHY’
on our foreheads.

Robin Valentine
Robin created a
gun that’s powered
entirely by D20 dice.
We haven’t seen him
recently, so we can only
assume he rolled a 1
when testing it.
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