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down. Soon after, you discover a group
of rogue operatives, led by none other
than Walker, has seized control of the
nearby area.

Fighting dirty
You’ll be travelling across the diverse
landscape Auroa has to offer,
which features mountains, deserts,
beaches, forests, fjords and even an
active volcano. Blending into these
environments is key to your survival –
for example, you can go all Predator
during a forest section and roll around
in the dirt, covering your body and
face in mud to remain undetected.
You’ll also need to be mindful of
your injuries. Getting shot in the leg
or arm might impact your mobility or
ability to aim your weapon. Thankfully,
depending on how badly you’re
hurt, you’ll either be able to patch
yourself up on the fly or rest using
the ‘bivouac’ system. It’s here where
you’ll treat severe injuries, as well
as manage your equipment and
customise your character.
All of this can be done completely
solo or with a team of up to four.
Unlike Wildlands, these team members
can only be played by real people –
there won’t be any AI team members
around to help you out.
Fans of Wildlands will feel right at
home with Breakpoint, and you won’t
have to wait too long, either. Ubisoft’s
brand-new shooter will be all ghillied
up for 4 October this year.

Survival of

the fittest

Survive being hunted by rogue operatives on an

island, and face off with your most dangerous

enemy yet in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint


Ubisoft has unveiled its latest entry
in the Ghost Recon franchise. When
the publisher announced its previous
title, Ghost Recon Wildlands, back
in 2015, it promised that the open-
world shooter would take place in the
largest action adventure landscape it
had ever created, something the team
most certainly delivered on.
Now, the Ghost Recon developer
has chosen to go even bigger. During
the announcement stream Ubisoft
revealed some of the improvements
that it’s made to the series using help
from the Wildlands community, which
has grown, according to Ubisoft, to 15
million players.
Breakpoint ties in quite nicely with
the final piece of DLC for Wildlands,
titled Operation Oracle, in which
protagonist and Ghost team leader
Nomad is sent to investigate a facility
on the Bolivian border which turns
out to be a testing ground for drones.
It’s here that Nomad and his team
come into contact with Cole D Walker,
another Ghost operative portrayed by
Jon Bernthal. Breakpoint is set four
years after this event, taking you to
Auroa: a fictional archipelago located
in the Pacific Ocean. This is home to
Skell Technology, the company that
designs and provides drones to the
military, and you need to investigate
why some of its drones have fallen
into the wrong hands. What starts as
a simple mission turns into a fight for
survival when your helicopter is taken

The competitive PvP
mode will be available
from launch this time
around, and the game
will still be supported
by additional content
every four months
after release. One of
those pieces of
content will be a
Raid – a first for the
Ghost Recon
franchise. It’s
unknown what form
these Raids will take,
but we expect there
will be a lot of
teamwork involved.


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