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2019 Annual Report (^09)
Journalists from Northern Europe examine Huawei’s shareholding
archives and registry of shareholding employees
Japanese journalists go through Huawei’s
employee shareholding files
In 2019, we opened our Shareholding Room to outside scrutiny, and invited more
than 300 journalists, officials, and researchers from over 20 countries and regions
to come and understand how our business is structured. We went into meticulous
detail on our ownership structure, shareholding files, and registry of shareholding
employees. We also held in-depth discussions on Huawei’s Employee Shareholding
Scheme, the design of our governance structure, and our process for electing
members for governance bodies.
Huawei was created by its employees, and is owned by its employees. Our
Employee Shareholding Scheme lays the foundation for how we distribute
ownership and design our governance system. This framework has helped
create a system under which the company shares both value and risk with
employees, which brings our people together to drive the company forward.
Some people think we are not transparent because we haven’t gone
public, but this doesn’t make sense to me. Huawei adopts a new model
under which its funds are collected from its employees. This may even
become a model for most companies in the future. How is this model
different from those of Northern Europe? There is no difference at all.
In other words, we embrace employee capitalism, and there are no
zillionaires at our company.
—Excerpt from Ren Zhengfei’s Northern European Media Roundtable
on October 15, 2019

Sharing Ownership

& Governance


Over the past year, we have held 20 press
conferences to pass on first-hand information
to our customers, partners, the media, and the
general public. Some of these gatherings include:

  • The unveiling of our Kunpeng and Ascend
    processors, including an in-depth analysis
    on the trillion-dollar computing industry.

  • Press conferences for the release of our
    sustainability report and white paper
    on intellectual property, demonstrating
    Huawei’s confidence in the company’s
    sustained operations and commitment to
    fulfilling its social responsibilities.

  • Huawei Innovation Days in Europe, Asia
    Pacific, and Latin America, where we
    shared our thoughts and innovations with
    regard to future technology.

  • The opening of the Huawei Cyber Security
    Transparency Centre in Brussels and the
    release of Huawei’s Position Paper on
    Cyber Security to elucidate our approach
    to, and policies on, cyber security.

Huawei Cyber Security Transparency Centre officially opens in Brussels
on March 5, 2019. Since opening, the Centre has received more than
160 groups of visitors from governments, customers, the media,
industry organizations, and standards organizations. In the meantime,
it continues to offer a number of verification and testing services.

Regular Press
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