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12 Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd.

continue as usual for the customers that need us. We
have also turned outward to help combat the spread
of the virus with digital technology.

2020 may prove to be an even greater challenge.
We will need to further adapt to the long-standing
restrictions imposed by the Entity List, while also
addressing the impact of the ongoing COVID-
pandemic. Nevertheless, we are fully confident in
what the future holds. We will stay the course and
continue creating value for our customers and the
broader global community.

Global operations and shared success
Digital technology is reshaping our lives. We will soon
enter an intelligent world where new opportunity
abounds. As we begin to explore the order and rules
of this new space, however, a great cloud of political
and economic uncertainty looms over global markets.

The world is in flux, but no matter what changes
await us, Huawei will stay committed to open
collaboration. We will continue to work with our
global partners to build out industry ecosystems that
thrive on shared success.

We believe that open collaboration leads to a better
future. For the past year, we have been working
closely with our ecosystem partners to build a more
fully connected and intelligent world. Specifically,
we have been proactively engaging with emerging
industries and contributing to standards in domains
like AI, data security and protection, consumer-facing
businesses, and intelligent vehicles. Our goals are to
ensure rapid commercialization of new applications
and sustainable industry development.

We continue to invest in joint innovation, breaking
through technical bottlenecks, and enabling industry
upgrade with our partners. Together, we will drive the
digital economy forward.

Despite the challenges ahead of us, we won’t succumb
to isolationism or close ourselves off from the outside
world. We believe that collaboration leads to shared
success, and openness to progress. This is the only
way forward. We will continue to embrace global
supply chains. To the extent that we are allowed, we
will continue working with our US suppliers to create
greater value for our customers and give back to the

Technology for all and digital governance
Digital transformation and the broader application
of artificial intelligence have become major driving
forces behind global progress. To bring the benefits of
digital technology to more people, all countries need
to work together across domains – including industry,
technology, standards, and policy – to build a digital
economy that is more readily accessible to all people.

At Huawei, we want to help till the soil for this digital
world to take root and flourish. We are opening up
our ICT capabilities and creating digital infrastructure
that is both affordable and accessible in order to help
more countries succeed in the digital economy. Our
ultimate goal is to help every country in the world
create greater value and benefit more from the digital

AI is ushering in a social and economic
transformation. It will play an active role in future
wealth creation, but we need to have rules in place to
govern and standardize how it’s used.

We believe that technology is fundamentally good,
and that it should be used for good. Instead of
widening the gap between the haves and have-nots,
technology should be used to promote social inclusion
and protect people. Ultimately, we should use
technology to help ensure a better environment and
bring greater benefits to society as a whole.

This is our guiding principle. And to this end, we have
launched a global digital inclusion program called
TECH4ALL, which is designed to bring the benefits of
digital technology like AI to every person, home, and

In terms of governance, our aim is to build inclusive
and responsible AI for the social good, and we are
committed to weaving security and trustworthiness
into the very fabric of all of our AI products, services,
and processes. We are actively engaging with
governments, industry partners, and academia to
explore how we can work together more effectively
to build a thriving intelligent world that everyone can

Cyber security and privacy protection are the
foundation of this shared future. They present
challenges that governments, carriers, network
equipment providers, and a broad range of third
parties need to work together to address.
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