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14 Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd.

Showing the real Huawei
In 2019, we made a concerted effort to enhance
transparency and communicate more proactively
with the world. Over the past year, we welcomed
more than 4,500 journalists, more than 3,
experts and researchers, and more than 1,
government delegations from around the world to
visit our headquarters in Shenzhen. They visited
our labs, production lines, our Shareholding Room,
and countless other facilities. At the same time, our
executive team has continued to engage with the
global community through a number of external
events and speaking opportunities.

We have gone into great detail with the public
about our ownership and governance, subjecting our
ownership structure, shareholding files, and registry
of shareholding employees to outside scrutiny. We
have also walked the media, academic experts, and
government representatives through our Employee
Shareholding Scheme, as well as our governance
structure and mechanisms.

Journalists from around the world have taken the
time to get to know us, writing a wealth of material
that has helped more people understand what
Huawei is all about.

Beyond proactive engagement, we have also
turned to the courts to defend our legitimate rights
and interests through legal action. Through the
subsequent discovery processes and court hearings,
we presented hard facts and evidence to back up our

We will continue to openly communicate with the
world, and we welcome all stakeholders, including
governments, the media, researchers, and experts, to
come and see who we are with their own eyes.

Moving forward, we will continue creating value for
our customers and for the wider global community.
We will work together with our ecosystem partners to
promote shared success, and use that success as the
foundation for sustainable development. No matter
how bumpy the road ahead may be, we will stay
the course and remain committed to our vision and
mission: To bring digital to every person, home and
organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.

Liang Hua
Chairman of the Board
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