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A Massive Eruption of New Theories and Technologies as the Intelligent
World Approaches
We are on the verge of another massive eruption of new theories and technologies. Advances in one domain will
spark chain reactions across different disciplines. ICT is now a fundamental tool for research and innovation in
every domain, and ICT infrastructure is as fundamental to life and industry as electricity.

In this era of change, there is the potential for great advances, but there are also many unknowns. As the industry
struggles to keep up with Moore’s law and the Shannon limit looms, there is an urgent need for theoretical
breakthroughs. The device ecosystem is diversifying with an ever-expanding array of smart devices and equipment,
and open source operating systems are booming. AI continues to revolutionize computing, with architecture
becoming more heterogeneous than ever, and innovation accelerating in x86 processors, Arm processors, GPUs,
and NPUs. Data has become vital in a way that it has never been before because it is now a core resource and
a valuable asset. For data to create maximum value, digital trust and data protection mechanisms are essential.
Against this backdrop, the only certainty is uncertainty.

Mankind is poised to enter an intelligent world within the next two or three decades. Exploration is an eternal
human pursuit. In the bold days ahead, let’s work together to make this vision a reality.
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