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2019 Annual Report (^03)
Our enterprise business continues to support the
digital transformation of customers across industries
as we help lay the foundations for the digital world.
Globally, more than 700 cities and 228 Fortune Global
500 companies have chosen Huawei as their digital
transformation partner.
Our consumer business continues to see robust
growth, with more than 240 million smartphones
shipped throughout the year. We have made further
progress in optimizing the Seamless AI Life strategy
across all scenarios and devices, including personal
computers, tablets, wearables, and smart screens.
I want to take this opportunity to thank every one
of our customers, partners, and Huawei employees.
Your trust means the world to us; we will keep on
providing more competitive products and services to
create greater value for everyone.
The intelligent world is fast
approaching, bringing both
challenges and opportunities
Digital technology is reshaping everything. It’s setting
the stage for a world where all things can sense, all
things are connected, and all things are intelligent. By
2025, 5G will serve 58% of the global population, and
it will combine with technologies like 4K and higher-
definition video, VR/AR, AI, and cloud to transform
our personal lives, homes, and industries in ways we
have never imagined.
A set of truly immersive experiences will emerge,
allowing us to transcend the boundaries of time
and space in domains like ultra-high-definition live
broadcasts, smart classrooms, remote education,
online healthcare, and virtual entertainment. 5G will
also allow industries like manufacturing, electricity,
transportation, finance, and many others to go digital,
embrace artificial intelligence, and deliver new value
for their customers. All told, these technologies will
have a much broader spillover effect because ICT has
become a new economic force, sparking a new wave
of global economic growth.
Mankind is poised to enter an intelligent world
within the next two or three decades. Digital and
intelligent transformation, now in full swing across
all industries, will open up abundant opportunities
for growth. At the same time, the global community
also faces an enormous set of challenges in areas
like climate change, uneven social development, and
cyber security. It’s safe to say that, moving forward,
the global macro environment will become more
uncertain than ever before, and downward pressure
on the global economy will continue to intensify.
And yet, as people, we all want a better life.
Prosperity is an innate human pursuit. We need
to put development first, embrace global, open
collaboration, and rely on technological innovation to
address the myriad challenges before us. This is how
we create greater prosperity.
At Huawei, we are looking to the distant future as we
set up our business to fully harness the opportunities
brought about by the digital and intelligent
transformation of industries.
Driving technological
breakthroughs to advance the
industry and create greater value
for customers and society
■ 5G promises ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low
latency, and massive connectivity. It will provide
a superior experience for consumers, speed up
the digital and intelligent programs of industries,
and fuel both social progress and economic
growth. Huawei will continue driving the global
development of 5G and seize opportunities in
network deployment. To enable every industry
with 5G, we are working with leading companies
on targeted 5G applications that can be replicated
at scale. We aim to build a dynamic 5G ecosystem
that facilitates the commercial success of carriers
and industry partners. Together, we can create
greater business and social value.

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