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06 Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd.

is a testament to the effectiveness of this system.
We have and will continue to adhere to a long-
term multi-sourcing and multi-channel procurement
strategy. We have diverse supply solutions for all key
products. No matter what changes come our way,
we are fully confident in our ability to sustain supply,
delivery, and services for our customers.

Enhancing cyber security and
privacy protection, and complying
with all applicable laws and

■ Growing adoption of new technologies like cloud
computing, big data, 5G, IoT, and AI has led to
more open business ecosystems, faster service
rollout, and more diversified solutions. These
developments are redefining the traditional
boundaries of networks, and dissolving the borders
between the digital and physical worlds. As a result,
we face new challenges in terms of cyber security
and privacy protection.

Ensuring cyber security is a shared responsibility,
requiring unified standards, independent
verification, and a whole-of-society approach. Both
trust and distrust should be based on facts. Facts
must be verifiable, and verification must be based
on unified standards. This will ensure fair and
objective assessment, and enable organizations
to choose products that have passed required
security verifications.

As the world goes digital at an ever-growing rate,
Huawei recognizes our growing responsibility
in cyber security and privacy protection, and
we have made these our top priority. We build
trustworthiness and quality into all of our ICT
infrastructure products and solutions. In response
to cyber security and privacy challenges, we have

and will continue to take comprehensive measures
to play our part, ranging from technological
innovation and standards setting to improving
management. We do everything in our power
to help customers build resilient networks and
mitigate risks. As a provider of smart devices, we
embed privacy protection into the entire product
lifecycle, giving consumers full transparency and
full control over their privacy.

At the same time, we have been actively engaging
in public discourse on these subjects, because only
through greater transparency can we show the
world what Huawei is truly about.

■ At Huawei, compliance with all applicable laws
and regulations has always been one of our
core principles and the foundation of our global
operations. Strengthening cyber security and user
privacy protection is at the absolute top of our
agenda, and we will continue to adhere to all
related laws and regulations in the markets where
we operate.

Our vision and mission is to bring digital to every
person, home and organization for a fully connected,
intelligent world. To make this goal a reality, we
will keep focusing on ICT infrastructure and smart
devices, collaborating openly with partners to
enable the digital and intelligent transformation of
industries. Together, we will create greater value for
our customers and society, extending the benefits of
digital technology to everyone.

Xu Zhijun
Rotating Chairman
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