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“We get carried away by our weapons, firepower, superiority, technology.” »3

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orders to keep his name off the official visitor logs the president, but instead the guards were under directly to the Oval Office for a private meeting with a small briefcase with folders chaotically jutting out.was under the impression that he would be brought into the West WThe mand burly man with a limp and a cane walked in the middle of april 2007, a short, bald an showed his diploming of the White House. He carried atic passport. He
Abrams, and a surprise, Vice President Dick Cheney.security adviser Stephen Hadley. Inside, two addi-tional men were waiting: Hadley’s deputy, Elliott CIA. A few days earlier, Israeli Prime eign spy agency and equivalent of the and clandestinely escort him to the office of national Dagan, the renowned and feared head of the MThe man the trio had gathered to meet was Mossad, Israel’s legendary for- eir
Minister Ehud Olmert had called Pres-ident George W. Bush and told him

that Dagan would be coming to Washington with some important information. “I’d appreciate if you could meet him,” Olmert told Bush.took Bush and his staff by surprise. Heads of state—even close allies like Olmert—president to meet the directors of their intelligence agencies alone. If they ever do meet them, it is almost always according to diplomatic protocol.The request, phrased in a way that seemed urgent, don’t usually ask the
col. They would first meet Dagan, evaluate his infor-mation and, if needed, take him to see the president. Cheney was briefed about the pending visit and decided to sit in on the meeting. He knew Dagan and So the president’s aides decided to stick to proto-figured that, based on Olmert’s special request, it must be urgent.Cheney settled into a large blue wing Dagan took a seat on the couch.
chair to his right. Not one for small talk, Dagan got straight to the point.

Syria’s Nuclear Taking OPotentialut
reactor designed to look like an ancient fort in the Syrian desert. How would the world look if Israel hadn’t taken action? Syria and North Korea teamed up to build a nuclear


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