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is Highness the Amir Sheikh
Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani
yesterday discussed with Turk-
ish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
strategic bilateral co-operation in all
fi elds, particularly in the political, eco-
nomic, investment, defence, energy,
education, transport and sports fi elds.
The two leaders were attending the
sixth meeting of the Qatar-Turkey Su-
preme Strategic Committee held at the

presidential palace in Ankara.
The meeting also reviewed the out-
comes of previous sessions, and ways
to enhance the committee’s work to ad-
vance the interest of the two countries.
The sides also discussed the latest
regional and international develop-
ments including developments in Pal-
estine, Libya and Syria.
Later, the Amir and Erdogan witnessed
the signing of several memorandums of
understanding and agreements.
They include an MoU to purchase a
stake in Istinye Park shopping centre,
another between Qatar Investment

Authority and Altin Halic on potential
joint investment in the Golden Horn
project, a deal to purchase a stake in
Borsa Istanbul, an agreement selling
and purchasing Ortadogu Antalya port
between Global Liman and QTerminals,
and a memorandum of understanding
between Qatar Free Zones Authority
and the Turkish Ministry of Trade on
co-operating in free zones.
The two countries also signed a joint
statement on the establishment of a
joint economic and trade committee
between the Qatari Ministry of Com-
merce and Industry and the Turkish

Ministry of Trade, a memorandum
of understanding on co-operation in
managing water, a letter of intent be-
tween the Qatari Ministry of Finance
and the Turkish Ministry of Finance
and Treasury, a memorandum of un-
derstanding for co-operation in fam-
ily, women, and social services aff airs,
a declaration of intent on exchanging
diplomats between the Ministry of For-
eign Aff airs’ Diplomatic Institute and
the Diplomacy Academy of the Turkish
Ministry of Foreign Aff airs.
The signing ceremony was attended
by the members of the delegation ac-

companying the Amir and Turkey’s
ministers and ranking offi cials.
The Amir was given an offi cial reception
upon arrival at the presidential palace.
Later the Amir attended a luncheon
banquet held by Erdogan.
Meanwhile, the Amir and Erdogan
visited the Nation’s Library of the Pres-
idency in Ankara.
During the visit, they were briefed
about the library in terms of books, jour-
nals, and university dissertations, in ad-
dition to the electronic database of books.
The Amir later left Ankara.
He was seen off at Ankara Inter-

national Airport by Turkish Minister
of Finance and Treasury Lotfi Alwan,
spokesperson for the Turkish Presi-
dency Ibrahim Kalin, Qatar’s ambassa-
dor to Turkey Salem Mubarak Shafi al-
Shafi , Turkish ambassador to Qatar Dr
Mehmet Mustafa Gksu, and members
of the Qatari embassy.
The Amir sent a message to Erdogan
expressing his thanks and appreciation
for the warm hospitality.
The Amir wished the president good
health and continued success, and for
the Turkish people further progress
and prosperity. Page 3


he Government Communications Offi ce (GCO) has
announced that residents who are currently in Qatar,
and wish to travel and return to the country, will au-
tomatically receive an Exceptional Entry Permit upon depar-
ture with eff ect from Sunday, November 29.
Also, the quarantine period will be one week only after
arrival in the country, irrespective of where a person is
coming from, according to a statement issued by the GCO
The statement noted that in continuation of the gradual
lifting of restrictions imposed in Qatar as a result of the
Covid-19 pandemic, and based on public health indicators
in the country and around the world, as well as on Qatar’s
travel policy announced previously, the following has been
z First: Residents who are currently in Qatar, and wish to
travel and return, will automatically receive an Exceptional
Entry Permit upon departure. The resident or their employer
will be able to print out the Exceptional Entry Permit from
the Ministry of Interior’s website at any point after the resi-
dent has departed Qatar.
Requests will no longer need to be submitted through the
Qatar Portal website. The permit will be available automati-
cally upon registration of the resident’s departure from Qa-
tar. To Page 4


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since 1978

FRIDAY Vol. XXXXI No. 11745

November 27, 2020
Rabia II 12, 1442 AH

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Defence minister meets US offi cial

HE the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Defence Aff airs Dr Khalid bin Mohamed al-Attiyah met yesterday
with US Acting Secretary of Defence Christopher Miller, who was visiting Qatar. During the meeting, they discussed
military relations between the two countries, in addition to the latest regional and international developments. The
meeting was attended by armed forces senior off icials, and the delegation accompanying the US off icial. Page 4

zAmir, Erdogan attend sixth meeting of the Qatar-Turkey Supreme Strategic Committee

Qatar, Turkey sign pacts to cement ties

QVCs in India to reopen on Dec 3

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has an-
nounced that Qatar Visa Centres (QVCs)
in India will reopen next Thursday,
December 3. Appointments to visit any
QVC in India can be made through
the designated website (https://www., the MoI tweeted

z From Sunday, Exceptional Entry

Permits to be automatically generated

for residents who wish to travel out of

the country and return

z Requests will no longer need to be

submitted through Qatar Portal website

z Automatic Exceptional Entry Permit

service will not be available for residents

who are currently outside Qatar

z Quarantine period will be one week

only after arrival in Qatar, regardless of

where one is coming from

z Quarantine period for those who use

shared quarantine facilities will be 2 weeks

‘Automatic entry permits’

for ‘residents’ from Sunday

Employers’ views on job change requests will be heard: offi cial

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inspect a guard of honour in Ankara yesterday. His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani holds talks with Erdogan.

Qatar 2022 World

Cup will transform

attitude towards



BUSINESS | Page 1 SPORT | Page 1

New investment

avenues opening

up in Qatar on Covid

handling success, says

QFCA chief al-Jaida

MADLSA assistant undersecretary
Mohamed Hassan al-Obaidli

By Ayman Adly
Staff Reporter


here will be a one-year ban on a
worker who violates the clauses
of his employment contract, if
he wishes to return to Qatar to take up
another job, a senior offi cial of the Min-
istry of Administrative Development,
Labour and Social Aff airs (MADLSA)

told Qatar TV yesterday.
Assistant undersecretary Moham-
ed Hassan al-Obaidli explained that
the amendments to the Labour Law
are part of the development strategy
within Qatar National Vision 2030 to
encourage foreign investment, attract
skilled workers and maintain economic
He clarifi ed that the text of a recent SMS
sent by MADLSA regarding the transfer of

workers from a company to another has
been misinterpreted and misunderstood,
creating unnecessary issues.
“This SMS only means that a worker
has submitted an application for trans-
fer and it is under study and review by
the Ministry. We have now rephrased
the SMS making it clear for the em-
ployee and employer.
“The rephrased SMS says that a
worker has submitted an application
for transfer, it is under review and study
and he has to remain in his current job
with the current employer until the ap-
plication is processed. The employer
has the right to submit his queries and

remarks on this through e-mail or the
hotline that would be launched.”
Al-Obaidli stressed that the new la-
bour law has many advantages for em-
“For instance, the employer can termi-
nate a contract with a specifi ed duration
before it expires without the need to pay
the worker for the remaining period.
“In the previous law, the employer
was obliged in such cases to pay all the
dues of the worker for the remaining
period of the contract.
For those who want to change em-
ployers, “the new company has to be
fully compliant with the Labour Law

and Wage Protection System and have
an approval for an entry work Visa for
the same nationality of the worker who
wishes to join. To Page 4

zOne year ban on workers who violate employment contract terms

z‘SMS’ rephrased to provide clarity on job change applications

zHotline to be launched to help employers raise concerns

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