Barrons AP Calculus

(Marvins-Underground-K-12) #1



Figure  N2–6


The theorems that follow in §C of this chapter confirm the conjectures made
about limits of functions from their graphs.
Finally, if the function f(x) becomes infinite as x becomes infinite, then one or
more of the following may hold:

End Behavior of Polynomials

Every polynomial whose degree is greater than or equal to 1 becomes infinite as
x does. It becomes positively or negatively infinite, depending only on the sign
of the leading coefficient and the degree of the polynomial.

Example 7 __

For each function given below, describe .

f   (x) =   x^3     −   3x^2 +  7 x +   2


g(x)    =   −4x^4 + 1,000,000x^3 +  100


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