Dungeon Master's Guide 5E

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beholder·s disintegration eye ray have walls that are
unnaturally s mooth, and the beholder's lair might
include vertical shafts connecting different levels.
Amphibious monsters such as kuo-toa and aboleths use
water to protect the innermost reaches of their la irs
from air-breathing intruders.
Details bring a dunge on setting's personality to life.
Great bearded faces might be carved on the doors of a
dwarven stronghold and might be defaced by the gnolls
who live there now. Spiderweb decorations, torture
chambers, a nd slave pens might be common features
in a vault built by drow, telling something about that
location and its occupants.
The Dungeon Creator table includes creatures that
typically build dungeons. You can choose a creator
from the table or roll ra ndomly, or choose some other
dungeon builder appropriate for your campaign.

d20 Creator
1 Beholder
2-4 Cult or religious group (roll on the Cults and
Religious Groups table to determine specifics)
5-8 Dwarves
9 Elves (including drow)
10 Giants
ll Hobgoblins
12-15 Humans (roll on the NPC Alignment and NPC
Class tables to determine specifics)
16 Kuo-toa
17 Lich
18 Mindflayers
19 Yuan-ti
20 No creator (natural caverns)


d20 Cult or Religious Group
Demon-worshiping cult
2 Devil-worshiping cult
3-4 Elemental Air cult
5-6 Elemental Earth cult
7-8 Elemental Fire cult
9-10 Elemental Water cult
ll-15 Worshipers of an evil deity
16-1 7 Worshipers of a good deity
18-20 Worshipers of a neutral deity

d20 Alignment d20 Alignment
1-2 Lawful good 10-ll Neutral
3-4 Neutral good 12 Chaotic neutral
5-6 Chaotic good 13-15 Lawful evil
7-9 Lawful neutral 16-18 Neutral evil
19-20 Chaotic evil
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