Dungeon Master's Guide 5E

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Imagine that part of your campaign world erupts in
revolution. Pick a power group in your current campaign
and name (or invent) a group that opposes it, fomenting
revolution. Then let the following points help you flesh
out the conflict:
Name three things the rebels want or hope to achieve.

  • The rebels achieve a victory against those they wish
    to overthrow, even if it's a pyrrhic victory. Which of
    their three goals do they achieve? How long is this
    achievement likely to last?
    State the cost exacted upon the old order after its
    fall from power. Does anyone from the former power
    group remain in power during the next regime? If the
    old order remains in power, describe one way that its
    leaders punish the revolutionaries.

  • One of the rebellion's prominent leaders-in some
    respects the face of the revolution-was driven by a
    personal reason for his or her part in events. Describe
    this person and state the true reason he or she led the

  • What problem existed before the revolution that
    persists in spite of it?

Something that once existed in the campaign world
is gone. The lost resource might be a precious metal,
a species of plant or animal that held an important
place in the local ecology, or an entire race or culture of
people. Its absence causes a chain reaction that affects
every creature that uses or relies on it.
You can eliminate a people, place, or thing that
previously existed in a certain location or area in your
campaign world. On a small scale, the last of a family

. dynasty passes away or a once-thriving mining town
in the region dries up and becomes a ghost town. On a
grand scale, magic dies, the last dragon is slain, or the
final fey noble departs the world.
What is gone from the world-or the region of the
world you've chosen-that once existed there? If the
answer isn't immediately evident, consult the Extinction
or Depletion table for ideas.

d8 Lost Resource
A kind of animal (insect, bird, fish, livestock)
2 Habitable land
3 Magic or magic-users (all magic, or specific kinds or
schools of magic)
4 A mineral resource (gems, metals, ores)
5 A type of monster (unicorn, manticore, dragon)
6 A people (family line, clan, culture, race)
7 A kind of plant (crop, tree, herb, forest)
8 A waterway (river, lake, ocean)

Then consider these additional questions:
Name a territory, race, or type of creature that relied
on the thing that was lost. How do they compensate?
How do they attempt to substitute for what was lost?
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