Dungeon Master's Guide 5E

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~ravelers who know the strange tides and currents
o f t he plane can travel between worlds freely, but the
5 orms also wreck ships from the Material Plane on the

  • a nd's shore.
    T he region of the Plane of Water nearest the Swamp
    of Oblivion (on the Plane of Earth) is called the Silt
    Flats. The water is thick with soil and sludge, and turns
    .mo muddy ground before giving way to the great swamp
    between the planes.
    At the other extreme of the plane is the Sea oflce,
    bordering the Frostfell. The frigid water is choked with
    cebergs and sheet ice, inhabited by the cold-loving
    creatures that inhabit the Frostfell. Drifting icebergs
    can carry these creatures farther into the Plane of
    'Yater to threaten ships and islands in warmer seas.
    T he Frostfell, also called the Plane of Ice, forms the
    border between the planes of Air and Water and is a
    see mingly endless glacier swept by constant, raging
    blizzards. Frozen caverns twist through the Plane of
    Ice, home to yetis, remorhazes, white dragons, and other
    creatures of cold. The inhabitants of the plane engage in
    a never-ending battle to prove their strength and ensure
    their survival.
    Its dangerous monsters and bitter cold make the
    F ro stfell a dangerous place to travel. Most planar
    ·:oyagers keep to the air, braving the powerful winds and
    d r iving snow to avoid setting foot on the great glacier.



Streamers of noxious gas streaked that crimson dome like
dirty clouds. They whirled to form what looked like giant
eyes staring down, eyes that were swept away before they
couldfocus, only to form anew, again and again. Beneath
the ruby glow lay a dark nightmare land of bare rock and
flumes of sparks and goutingjlame, where things slithered
and scrambled half-seen in the shadows. Mountains clawed
the ruby sky. The Land of Teeth, Azuth had once aptly
called it, surveying the endless jagged rocks. This was the
Greeting Ground, the realm of horror that had claimed
the lives of countless mortals. He was whirling along above
Avernus, uppermost of the Nine Hells.
-Ed Greenwood, Elminster in Hell

If the Inner Planes are the raw matter and energy that
makes up the multiverse, the Outer Planes provide the
direction, thought, and purpose for its construction.
Accordingly, many sages refer to the Outer Planes as
divine planes, spiritual planes, or godly planes, for the
Outer Planes are best known as the homes of deities.
When discussing anything to do with deities, the
language used must be highly metaphorical. Their

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