Elemental Evil Player's Companion

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what happens next?

ontinue unraveling the mysteries

of ancient evil with the downloadable

module Neverwinter: Elemental Evil

for the acclaimed free-to-play action


Characters in the tabletop roleplaying game

can delve deeper into the devious plots in Princes

of the Apocalypse every week in stores worldwide

with the D&D Adventurers League Elemental

Evil season of adventures.

Bring your tabletop adventures to life

with Elemental Evil miniatures and other

game accessories by Gale Force Nine and

WizKids Games.

The Temple of Elemental Evil Adventure

System board game provides new ways to

experience this epic story. Combine the contents

with the other D&D Adventure System

Cooperative Games, including Castle Ravenloft

and The Legend of Drizzt, to create even more

exciting play experiences.

Learn more at DungeonsandDragons.com.

The Sword Coast is far

from secure, and the

adventure goes far beyond

these pages.

What Happens Next?

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