Lost Mine of Phandelver

(Jeff_L) #1
of miscreants led by a mysteriousfigurecalled Glasstaff.
A number of interesting NPCs canalsobe foundin
Phandalin, layingthe hooksfor short adventures in part

  1. TheRedbrands try to runthe characters out of town,so
    the charactersreturn the favorandstorm the Redbrand
    lair.In a hidden stronghold beneath an old manor,they
    findthatlarno "Glasstaff" Albrek, the leaderof the
    Redbrands, is taking his ordersfromsomeone called
    the BlackSpider-and thatthe BlackSpider wants the
    adventurers out of the picture.
    Part 3, "TheSpider's Web,"provides the characters
    withseveral short adventures in the regionaround
    Phandalin as theysearch for more information aboutthe
    Black Spider andthe dwarves'lostmine.Thecluesthe
    characters picked up in Phandalin canleadthem to spy on
    a mysterious wizard at the ruinsof OldOwlWell,seek the
    adviceof a dangerous banshee, ousta bandof ores lurking
    at Wyvern Tor,andinvestigate the ruins of the town
    of Thundertree.
    Several of these leads pointto Cragmaw Castle,which
    is the strongholdof KingGrol,leader of the Cragmaw
    goblins. Herethe charactersdiscover thatthe Black
    Spider is a drowadventurer named Nezznar, andthatthe
    Cragmaw goblinsworkfor him(droware elveswhohail
    froma realm deepunderground). Moreimportantly, they
    recover Gundren Rockseeker's mapto the lostmine,or
    learn the mine'slocation fromoneof the otherleads they
    unearth during part3.
    Following the mapor the directionsto the lostmine
    brings the charactersto part 4, "WaveEchoCave."That
    lostunderground complex is nowoverrun by undead and
    strange monsters. Nezznar the BlackSpider is therewith
    his loyalfollowers, exploring the mines andsearching for
    the legendaryForge of Spells. Theadventurers havethe
    opportunity to avengeGundren Rockseeker, to ensure
    the prosperity andsecurity of Phandalin by clearing
    the richmine of its monsters,andto put an endto the
    troublemaking of the BlackSpider-if theycansurvivethe
    dangers of the LostMineof Phandelver.


Youcanlet playersinvent theirownreasons for visiting
Phandalin, or youcanusethe followingadventure hook.
Thebackgrounds andsecondary goalson the character
sheets alsoprovidecharacters withmotivations for
visiting Phandalin.
MeetMe in Phandalin. Thecharacters are in the cityof
Neverwinter when theirdwarfpatron andfriend, Gundren
Rockseeker, hiresthem to escort a wagonto Phandalin.
Gundren hasgoneahead witha warrior, Sildar Hallwinter,
to attend to business in the townwhile the characters
followwiththe supplies. Thecharacters willbe paid 10 gp
eachby the ownerof Barthen's Provisions in Phandalin
whentheydeliverthe wagonsafelyto thattrading post.


Justlikea fantasynovelor movie,an adventure is set in a
larger world.In fact,the worldcanbe anythingthatthe
DMandplayers canimagine. It couldbe a swords-and-
sorcery setting at the dawnof civilization, where
barbarians battle evilsorcerers, or a post-apocalyptic
fantasy where elvesanddwarves wieldmagic amidthe



wreckage of a technological civilization. MostD&D
settings are somewhere between those twoextremes:
worldsof medieval highfantasy withknights and
castles, as wellas elvencities,dwarven mines, and
fearsome monsters.
Theworldof the ForgottenRealms is onesuchsetting,
andthat's where the storyin thisadventure takes place.
In the Realms,knights darethe cryptsof the fallendwarf
kingsof Delzoun, seeking gloryandtreasure. Rogues
prowlthe darkalleyways of teeming cities suchas
Neverwinter andBaldur's Gate.Clericsin the serviceof
godswieldmace andspell,questing against the terrifying
powers thatthreaten the land.Wizards plunder the ruins
of the fallenNetherese empire, delvingintosecrets too
dark for the lightof day.Dragons, giants, demons, and
unimaginable abominations lurkin dungeons, caverns,
ruined cities,andthe vastwildplaces of the world.
On the roadsandriversof the Realmstravelminstrels
andpeddlers, merchants andguards, soldiers, sailors,
andsteel-hearted adventurers carrying talesof strange,
glorious, faraway places. Goodmaps andcleartrails can
takeevenan inexperienced youthwithdreams of gloryfar
across the world.Thousands of restlesswould-be heroes
frombackcountry farmsteads andsleepyvillages arrive in
Neverwinter andthe othergreat citieseveryyearin search
of wealthandrenown.
Knownroads maybe welltraveled, but theyaren't
necessarily safe.Fellmagic, deadly monsters, andcruel
localrulers are all perilsthatyoufacewhenyoutravelin
the ForgottenRealms. Evenfarms andfreeholds within a
day'swalkof a citycanfall prey to monsters,andno place
is safefromthe suddenwrath of a dragon.
Theregional mapshowsjusta tinypartof thisvast
world,in a region calledthe SwordCoast. Thisis a region
of adventure, where daring souls delveintothe wreckage
of ancient strongholds andexplore ruins of long-lost
cultures. Amida wilderness of jagged, snow-capped
peaks, alpine forests, lawlessness, andmonsters, the coast
holdsthe greatestbastions of civilization, including the
coastal cityof Neverwinter.

Oneof the things thatyoucando as theOMis reward players
for roleplaying their characters well.
Eachof the characters included in thisset has twopersonality
traits (one positive andone negative). an ideal,a bond, anda
flaw.These elements canmakethe character easier andmore
fun to roleplay. Personality traits provide a glimpse intothe
character's likes,dislikes, accomplishments, fears, attitude, or
mannerisms. An idealis something thatthe character believes
in or strivesfor above all else.A character's bondrepresents
a connection to a person, place,or event in the world-
someone the character cares about, a placethe holds a special
connection, or a treasured possession. A flawis a characteristic
that someone elsecanexploit to bringthe character to ruinor
cause the character to act againsthis or her bestinterests.
When a playerroleplays a negative personality traitor gives in
to a drawback presented by a bond or a flaw,youcangivethat
player's character one inspiration as a reward.Theplayer can
then spend it when his or her charactermakes an abilitycheck,
an attack roll,or a saving throw. Spending inspiration givesthe
character advantage on the roll.A clever player might spend the
inspiration to counteract disadvantage on a roll.
A character canhaveonlyoneinspiration at a time.
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