Lost Mine of Phandelver

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TheCragmaw caveslopes steeply upward. Theentrance is
at the footof a good-sized hill,andthe cavesandpassages
are insidethe hill itself.
Ceilings.Mostof the cavesandpassages havesteeply
slopingceilings thatcreate stalactite-covered vaultsrising
20 to 30 feetabovethe floor.
Light.Areas 1 and2 are outside.Therestof the complex
is darkunless stated otherwise. Theboxed textfor those
locations assumes thatthe charactershavedarkvision or a
Rubble.Areas of crumblingrockandgravelare difficult
terrain (see"DifficultTerrain" in the rulebook).
Sound.Thesound of waterin the cavemufflesnoises to
anycreatures thataren't listening carefully. Creatures can
make a DC15 Wisdom (Perception) check to attemptto
hear activityin nearbychambers.
Stalagmites.These upthrust spires of rockcanprovide
cover(see"Cover"in the rulebook).
Stream.Thestream thatflowsthrough the complexis
only2 feetdeep,cold,andslowmoving,allowing creatures
to easilywade through it.

If the characterscapture or charmanyof the goblins here,the
goblins canbe persuaded to divulgesome useful information:
Fewerthan twenty goblins currently dwellin the lair.

  • Their leader is a bugbear named Klarg.He answers to King
    Grol,chiefof the Cragmaw tribe,whodwells in Cragmaw
    Castle. (Thegoblins canprovide basic directions to Cragmaw
    Castle. It's abouttwenty miles northeast of the Cragmaw
    hideout, in Neverwinter Wood.)

  • Klargreceived a messenger goblin from KingGrola few
    daysago.Themessenger told himthat someone named the
    BlackSpider waspaying the Cragmaws to watch out for the
    dwarf Gundren Rockseeker, capture him,and send himand
    anything he wascarrying backto KingGrol.Klargfollowed
    his orders. Gundren wasambushed andtaken alongwith his
    personal effects, including a map.

  • Thedwarf andhis mapweredelivered to KingGrol,as
    instructed. Thedwarf's human companion is being heldin
    the "eatingcave" (area 6).


Thetrailfromthe goblinambush siteleads to the entrance
of the Cragmawhideout.

Following the goblins' trail, youcome across a large cavein
a hillside fivemiles from the scene of the ambush. A shallow
stream flowsout of the cavemouth, which is screened by
dense briarthickets. A narrow dry pathleads intothe caveon
theright-hand sideof the stream.

Thethicketin area2 is impenetrable fromthe westside
of the stream.

Thegoblinsin area 2 are supposedto be keepingwatch
on thisarea, but theyare not payingattention. (Goblins
canbe lazythatway.)However,if the charactersmakea
lot of noise here-for example, loudlyarguing about what



to do next,setting up a camp,cutting downbrush, andso
on-the goblins in area2 notice andattack them through
the thicket,which provides the goblinswiththree-quarters
cover(seethe rulebookfor ruleson cover).


When the characterscross to the eastsideof the stream,
theycansee around the screeningthickets to area 2. This
is a goblinguard post,though the goblinshereare bored

On the east side of the stream flowing from the cavemouth, a
small area in thebriar thickets has been hollowed out to form
a lookout post or blind.Wooden planks flatten out the briars
andprovide room for guards to lie hiddenand watch the
area-including a pairof goblins lurking there right now!

Twogoblins are stationedhere.If the goblinsnotice
intruders in area 1, theyopenfire withtheirbows,
shooting through the thicketsandprobably catching the
characters by surprise.If the goblinsdon'tnotice the
adventurers in area 1, theyspotthem whentheysplash
across the stream,andneither sideis surprised.
Characters movingcarefully or scoutingahead might be
ableto surprise the goblinlookouts. Haveeachcharacter
whomovesahead make a Dexterity (Stealth) check
contested by the goblins'passive Wisdom (Perception)
score to avoidbeing surprised. Seethe rulebookfor more
information on abilitycheckcontests.
Thickets.Thethickets around the clearingare difficult
terrain, but theyaren't dangerous-just annoying. They
providehalfcoverto creatures attacking through them.
(See"DifficultTerrain" and"Cover"in the rulebookfor


TheCragmaws keep a kennel of foul-tempered wolvesthat
theyare trainingfor battle.

Justinside the cavemouth, a fewuneven stone steps lead
up to a small,dankchamber on the east side of the passage.
Thecave narrows to a steepfissure at the far end,and is filled
withthestench of animals. Savage snarls and thesounds of
rattling chains greet yourears where twowolves are chained
up just inside the opening.Eachwolf's chain leads to an iron
roddriven intothebase of a stalagmite.

Three wolves are confined here.Theycan'treach
targets standing on the steps,but all threeattack any
creature excepta goblinthatmovesintothe room(seethe
"Developments" section). Goblins in nearby cavesignore
the soundsof fighting wolves,sincetheyconstantly snap
andsnarl at eachother.
A character whotries-tocalm the animalscanattempt
a DC15 Wisdom (AnimalHandling) check.On a success,
the wolvesallowthe characterto movethroughout the
room.If the wolvesare givenfood,the DC dropsto 10.
Fissure.A narrow opening in the eastwallleadsto a
natural chimney thatclimbs 30 feetto area8. At the base
of the fissureis rubbishthat's beendiscarded through
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