A History of English Literature

(Marvins-Underground-K-12) #1

Dates of early writings and chief events continued

Date Author and title Event

698 Eadfrith: Lindisfarne Gospels First linguistic records
Ruthwell Cross
731 Bede: Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum
756–96 Offa King of Mercia
782 (?) The Poetic Elegies Alcuin at Charlemagne’s court
793 Vikings sack Lindisfarne
800 After this date: Cynewulf: Christ II, Elene, Charlemagne crowned Emperor
Juliana, Fates of the Apostles
802 Egbert King of Wessex
851 (?) Genesis B Danes spend winter in England
865 Danish army in East Anglia
871–99 (?) Andreas Alfred King of Wessex, the only kingdom
unconquered by Danes
878 Alfredian translations: Pastoral Care, Alfred at Athelney
Ecclesiastical History, Orosius, Boethius, Defeat of the Danes: Treaty of Wedmore
Soliloquies; Anglo-Saxon Chroniclebegun
909 (?) Beowulfcomposed by this date
910 Abbey of Cluny founded (Burgundy)
911–18 (?) Judith
919 (?) The Phoenix Mercia subject to Wessex
924–39 Athelstan King of Wessex
937 Brunanburhin Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Battle of Brunanburh: Athelstan defeats
Scots and Vikings
954 End of Scandinavian kingdom of York:
England united under Wessex
959–75 Reign of Edgar
960–88 Dunstan Archbishop of Canterbury
Monastic revival
973 Coronation of Edgar
978–1016 The major poetry manuscripts: Junius Reign of Ethelred II
Book,Vercelli Book, Exeter Book,
991 After this date The Battle of Maldon Battle of Maldon
990–2 Aelfric: Catholic Homilies
993–8 Aelfric: Lives of the Saints
1003–23 Wulfstan Archbishop of York
1014 Wulfstan: Sermo Lupi Ad Anglos Swein of Denmark king of England
1017–35 Reign of Cnut
1043–66 Reign of Edward the Confessor
1066 Harold king
Battle of Stamford Bridge
Battle of Hastings
William I king
1154 End of Peterborough Chronicle

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