An Introduction to Film

(Marvins-Underground-K-12) #1

Test Bank

Completely rewritten for this edition, each chapter
of the test bank includes a “concept map,” 60–
multiple-choice and 10–15 essay questions (with
sample answer guides). Questions are labeled by
concept, question type, and difficulty.

Coursepacks for Learning

Management Systems

Ready-to-use coursepacks for Blackboard and other
learning management systems are available free of
charge to instructors who adopt Looking at Movies.
These coursepacks offer unique activities that rein-
force key concepts, chapter overviews and learning
objectives, quiz questions, streaming access to the
video tutorials, questions about those tutorials and
the short films, the complete test bank, lecture
PowerPoint slides, art and figures from the text in
PowerPoint and JPEG formats, and more.

A Note about Textual
Boldface typeis used to highlight terms that
are defined in the glossary at the point where
they are introduced in the text. Italicsare used
occasionally for emphasis. References to movies
in the text include the year the movie was
released and the director’s name. Members of
the crew who are particularly important to the
main topic of the chapter are also identified. For
example, in the chapter on cinematography, a
reference to The Matrix might look like this:
Andy and Lana Wachowski’s The Matrix(1999;
cinematographer: Bill Pope). The movie lists
provided at the end of each chapter identify
films that are used as illustrations or examples
in the chapter. In each case, only the movie title,
year, and director are included. Other relevant
information about the films listed can be found
in the chapter itself.


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