Out of the Abyss

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catching the attention of Ogremorh's Bane. , ow. the
medusa works in concert with the fell entity. creating
s tone servants animated by its power.
Since the return of the svirfneblin to Blingdenstone.
the deep gnomes have studiously avoided sections of the
old city that Ogremoch's Bane and Ncheedra inhabit,
blocking it off from the rest of the settlement and giving
it t he na me ·' Rockblight."


This large cavern mirrors the residential areas oflnner
Blingdenswne, except there is no warmth or joy here-
only darkness and signs of carnage.

Every step echoes against walls beyond your c1rcle of
light. The air is cold and damp, and you can hear a
waterfall so mewhere in the blackness, along with faint
echoes of bat tle.

The echoes of battle are always in the darkness beyond
the range of the characters' light and darkvision. As
characters move toward the apparent source. the
echoes become more distant. as though originating
somewhere else.
Unless the characters quickly retreat whence they
came, the ghos t of a svirfneblin named Udhask
appears. It uses Horrifying Visage. then attacks with
his Withe ring Touch. Jf it lakes any damage, the ghost
shouts "They are coming! Everyone must hide!" It then
flees. The characters can follow the fleeing ghost to an
old burrow, w here it disappears. Within the burrow.
Udhask's skeletal remains lie next to a stone bed.
The re's no evidence that he died a violent death. In fact.
when t he drow attacked Blingdenstone, Udhask had a
heart attack and died while reaching for his loot (see

A waterfall fed by an underground freshwater stream
pours into a 10 0-foot-diamcter. 10-foot-deep pool that
dominates the east end of the cavern. Flanking the pool
a re two wide, rough-hewn staircases that climb 30 feet
to an overlooking cave filled crystals and fungi (area
18). The stream runs through the higher cave before
pouring into this one.

Udhask's skeleton appears to be reaching under the
stone bed. A character who searches under the bed
and succeeds on a DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check
finds a hidden compartment in the floor. Within the
compartment is a rortcd pouch containing s ix 100 gp
gems and a pocion of invisibility.

Collecting Udhask's bones and taking them to Burrow
Warden jadger's ghost in area 8 completes one of
j adger's tasks.



A shallow, swiftly flowing stream bisects this cave.
Crystalline formations sprout from the floor on both
sides of the stream. and rough-hewn staircases at the
back of the cave climb 30 feet to a barren stone ledge
with a pair of winged statues perched atop it.

The ··winged statues" on the ledge are two gargoyles. lf
the characters attack the gargoyles or move within 30
feet of them, the monsters swoop down and attack. In
the second round of combat, an insane earth ele m e ntal
rises from the stone floor and joins the fight.
The stream that flows through the cave originates
from a naturally formed culvert in the northeast wall,
beneath the ledge. The stream is only 3 feet deep.
The crystal f ormations growing throughout the cave
arc large enough for characters to hide behind, but they
arc neither magical more valuable.

Among the remains of the earth elemental. the
characters can find an earth clemencal gem. Before they
can use it, however. it must receive a remove curse spell
from a priest of the Stonehcart Enclave. Otherwise,
the elemental summoned by the gem is always hostile
toward its summoner. The characters can also harvest
samples from the bodies of the corrupted elemental and
the gargoyles for Nomi Pathshutter (see "Stoneheart
Quarry" in the ''Blingdeostone Outskirts" section).


L1ght from biolummescent fungi refracts through large
crystal formations erupting from the floor, creating a
kaleidoscope of colors on the surrounding walls. The
crystals are semitransparent, slightly distorting images
seen through them. A statue of a gnome cowers near a
crystal outgrowth, holding a broken crystal in its hands.

Six night lights (see "Fungi of the Underdark" in chapter
2) illuminate this cave. Tunnels in this area climb up
to area 20 and down to a r<>a 21. ancltwo sets of stairs
carved from the walls lead up to area 22.
The statue is actually a deep gnome named Von. who
was turned to stone by Nehecdra the medusa. He tried
to use one of the crystals to block the medusa's gaze
but failed. Anyone examining the statue notices that the
gnome seems to be raising the crystal toward his face,
as if to look through it.
The crystals here can be used as countermeasures
against cheedra's gaze. A creature with one hand free
can hold a crystal to its eyes. gaining advantage on the
Constitution saving throw made against Neheedra's
gaze. However, the creature makes allack rolls with
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