Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1

wererat boss climbs a set of stairs to the top of a natural
rise (area 26), bidding the characters to follow him.
Chipgrin is a svirfneblin were rat with 45 hit points
and AC 14 (studded leather).

The leader of the Goldwhisker clan claims this plateau
as his personal retreat and also entertains guests here.

Stairs lead to the top of this rise, where the floor is
covered with a soft and well-manicured carpet of green
moss. The wererat chief sits on a stone chair Ranked by
two giant rats. Draped over the chair's back is a cave
badger pelt.
"Let's get down to brass hobnails, then. You were sent
by the Oiggermattocks 'cause they want us out, right?
Right?! Well, they might get their wish soon enough, but
in a way they ain't likely to cheer about."

The wererats face constant attacks by the oozes and
are close to fleeing the settlement and leaving the other
deep gnomes to fend for themselves. However, Chipgrin
has learned of the mysterious figure controlling the
oozes. and he hopes to use that information to strike a
bargain. If the characters a re willing to hear what he
has to say. Chipgrin goes on to describe the creature he
refers to as "the Pudding King."

  • I
    "I remember him from when he worked in the tunnels,
    and my kin saw him when he returned. I know who he
    is, what he's doing, and-most of all-where he can
    be found! If you and the Diggermattocks want, I can
    take you straight to him-he what calls himself the
    Pudding King."

The wererat leader remains civil, but he refuses to tell
the characters anything more about the Pudding King
until he has secured a meeting with th e Diggermattocks.
if there is any hint of violence, he calls for help.
If the characters decide to light, all forty svirfneblin
wererats in the surrounding cavern (area 25) rush to
attack. in addition to Chipgrin and his two giant rats.
Chipgrin orders his fellow wererats to take down clerics
first. then any other spellcasters, and to keep melee
combatants locked down. He doesn't kill the characters.
but makes sure they are infected with wererat
lycanthropy before dumping them in the maze in Outer
Blingdenstone (area 3).
During any negotiation, Chipgrin is affable but firm
in his demands. He also asks the characters if they've
noticed anything odd among the svirfneblin. The
wererats have noticed the greed and aggression growing
among their cousins living outside Blingdenstone
see ''Biingdenstone Outskirts"). However, they are
unaffected by it themselves, given their bestial natures.
Chipgrin doesn't know about demon lords, but he's

smart and can help the characters connect the dots if
they've heard ofjuiblex and its unending hunger.
If either Topsy or Turvy are with the characters,
Chipgrin is pleased to welcome them to the Goldwhisker
clan. The twins accept the offer unless their bond of
friendship with the characters inspires them to remain
with the party.

This encounter tests the characters' skills as diplomats
and peacemakers. If they take Chipgrin's message to
the Oiggermattocks and arrange an audience, Chipgrin
suggests that they stick around long enough to see what
comes from "all this c hit-chat and howdy-do!"

The wererats use this secret tunnel to enter and leave
their warrens. Oozes have also been using this route
to enter Blingdenstone and join the Pudding King's
court. The secret doors are well hidden and require a
successful DC 18 Wisdom (Perception) check to spot.


The Pudding King set up his court in the northwest
corner of Blingdenstone, slipping through the wererat
warrens with his beloved ''children," Princess Ebonmire
and Prince Livid (see the "Royal Oozes" sidebar). Since
his return. the Pudding King has been us ing the power
granted him by juiblex to summon and command every
ooze in the region.

    This cavern was once the heart of Blingde nstone's
    government-a large space with a rocky sphere in irs
    center. The sphere is hollowed out and contains the
    royal chambers from which the old kings and queens
    ruled. All of it has been transformed by the presence of
    the Pudding King.

RoYAL Oozes
Princess Ebonm1re IS a black pudding with an Intelligence
of 6 (-2) and the ability to hurl blobs of its substance as a
ranged weapon attack out to a range of 30 feet. This attack
has the same attack bonus, damage, and effect as the
black pudding's Pseudopod attack.
Prince Livid is a gray ooze with 30 hit points (use the
psychic gray ooze variant).



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