Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1


Having survived Mantoi-Derith and obtained Ghazrim
DuLoc·s ring. the adventurers ilnd their allies continue
on into the Underdark. This time, rather th:tn escaped
prisoners look1ng for a way out, they arc at the head of
an expeditionary force ready to challenge whatever the
llnderdark hu~ to offer.
Much of th1c; middle section of the advt>nture is free-
form. dictatt>d largely by the characters· decisions and
tactics. The adventurers' immediate destination is the
legendary library of Gravt>nhollow (see chapter 11).
where they gain informauon that likely takes them to the
tower of A raj. home of the mysterious drow arch mage
\'izeran DeVir. Howe,er. the characters arc free to
explore and VISit cilfferent placrs before and after they
explore Gra,•enhollow and unlock its secrets.
The events drscribed in chapter& 13 through 16 can
be intersper<>ed among the material in this part of the
ad,·cnture. a!> tht· t·haracters work to fully understand
the new menaces that have appt>ared in the Underdark.
seck new allies and informtttion. and ultimately attempt
tO create a plan to end the demon lord threar.
Character advancement through this section of the
adventure is important. The journey from Mantol-Dcrith

to Gravenhollow should involve sufficient encounters
and challenges for the l'haracters to reach lOth level
by the time they vi<>it the stone giant library. As the
characters travel from place to place. check for random
encounters as normal (see chapter 2), but swap out the
creature encounter~ with ones presented in this chapter.
Ideally. the charaCtt'r'> should be 14th level by the time
they crash Zuggtmoy's ""edding (chapter 16. "The
Fetid Wedding"). and 15th level for the final showdown
against the demon lords (sec chapter 17. ''Against the
Df'mon Lord · ").

The characters initially tra,·eled through the Cnderdark
as a small group. pt'rhaps joined by a few of their fellow
prisoners from Velkynvelve and other allies they met
along the way. ow, they return to the subterranean
realm at the head of a group of alhes that might
outnumber the adventurers four-to-one. depending on
how many PCs were recruited from the factions in
Gaunrlgrym (see chapter 8). This changes some of the
conditions descnbed in "Underdark Travel" in chapter 2.

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