Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1


When tht• initial contact between the ad,•emurers and
Lhc other prisoners has been played out.jorlan Duskryn
arranges to bring the: pnsoners their food during
his guard duty. (Shoor delights in givingjorlan such
menial work). Standing at the gme to the slave pen and
passing m bowls. he mutters to the nearest character:
~If l could giH" you a means to escape from here. would
you take it?"
If the answer i-. affirmati\·e.jorlan quickly and quietly
propo~es to leave the gate to the slave pen unlocked.
as well as to create a di!>tractlon during the changing
of the guards on duty. He tell the characters about the
armory. located in the-chamber above the guard post in
the hanging guard towt'r in from of the sla,·e pen. The
escapees can jump down Into the webs below. then over
the edge into the pool. making their escape from there.
Jorlan doesn't particularly care if the prisoners
actually escape, whic·h is why he doesn't offer any
further he lp or warn them about the gray ooze in the
pool. It suits him just as wt'll if the prisoners are killed
during their atlf'mpt to flee. lie simply wants to create
an embarrassing inrident for Shoor and llvara.
jorlan furtively glances around as he speaks quickly to
the character~. If thc>y question him or ask for changes
to t.he plan. hi' insists it is all he can do. U Lhey accept. he
is true to his word. leavmg the gate unlocked close to t.he
next guard ~hift change and delaying the replacement
guard<. for a few manutes.

During a guard change. the prisoners hear a horrible
droning bu.tz echoing through the ca,·ern, followed by
inhuman ~hricking. Alarm horns sound our as four
chasme demon<, pur1.>ue a pair of vrock demons imo the
cavcm from the northern passage. The demons swoop
and bun around. initially if,(noring other creatures as
bo01 groups savagely assnult each mher. The demons'
arrival catch<•!. all of the drow off guard.
The <.I row ru&h to defend the outpost from a possible
attack. The dc•mons inilinlly buzz past the hanging
towers, leaving the walkways and caverns out of range
of the effects of their droning and screeching. However.
drow and quaggoths in the towers are close enough to
be affected. The aerial battle eventually circles around
the platform and the towers of the elite warriors as the
demon!> savagely tear into each other.
The drow move to engage the demons and defend
the outpost. leaving the characters with an opportunity
to escape. You can combine this event with]orlan's
offer to leave the· gate unlocked, making it easy for rhe
character~ to shp away. Ahcrnati\'ely (or if they refuse
Jorlan's offer). the characters can u e Lhe disr:raction
to engineer their own breakout. then decide how m get
down to the cavern floor and where to go after that.
Descr1be the chao-. of the demon anack and the
drow'l> respon-,e as the escaped prisoners try to flee.
The character<; can follow jorlan's suggestion to drop
into the webs and then dive into the pool, possibly
dealing with a giant spider or two and the gray ooze
along the way. Alternatively, they can look for another

CllAl' II K I I I' RISON IRS 0 1 I'll I' IJRO W

way down. Rcachmg th~ lift require!> getting past Lhe
drow clu-.tered on the platform and then attempting to
operate iL during the attack. ..., hich might prove difficult.
If you want to pro, ide an additional challenge for the
characters, a vrock tumbles almost in front of them as
thev reach the-C3\'Crn Boor or mO\'C tOward t.heir chosen
exi;. The demon 1<. badly nounded, but even w ith only
11 hit points rema1n111g and having expended its spores
and tunning scrt>ech abilities. it is still quite dangerous.
It screechc!. at the character!>. but if Lhey do nothing
to threaten u for I round. the demon takes wing and
launches u-.elf back 1nto the light overhead.
If the adventurt>rs take on the fallen vrock and defeat
or escape from it, award them a quarter of irs usual XP
value, or 575 XP. given its weakened stale.
lfjorlan is alive when the demons anack. he might
use the distraction to free the prisoners (as described in
"Jorlan's Gambit"). Any character who asksjorlan about
the demons gets a stern reply: "The demons are not my
doing. Fight tlwrn at your own risk."


The characters have three choices for leaving
\'elkynvelve: the non h. west, and soulh passages.

Th1 leach toward ~leruoberranzan (see chapter 15)
and. eventually. Blingdenstone (see chapter 6). )fost
of the characters' ft•llow prisoners discourage rra,·eJ
toward the drow cit}. and the dt>ep gnomes suggest
Blingdenstone as a route out of the Underdark. The
party can abo follow a c1rcuuous route westward
toward the Dark lake (sec chapter 3).

This leads most directly toward the Darklake (see
chapter 3). although the pnrty could eventually veer
south toward Gracklstugh (see chapter 4).

This leads tClward the duergar city of Gracklstugh (see
chapter 4), following a south-westerly route. Characters
might need to pus!. under the ballling demons, but th e
cavern noor is well out of range of their droning and
screeching. The demons locked in combat ignore the
escaping pri<;oner!>, with the possible exception of a
fulkn vrock (sec ~A Flight of Demons").
Whichever route th<• characters take. chapter 2 covers
their pa~.,agc through the Underdark toward Lheir
eventual destination.

In add1110n to the XP awards earned for overcoming the
creatures in thi chapter, escaping from Velkynvelve
earns the characters a special award of 150 XP (divided
equally among all party members).
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