Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1


Once the adv<·nturers escapc from Velkynvclvc, they'll
want to esc~1pc tlw Undrrdnrk. A l ready miles beneath
the surface. th<'y rnust makl' their way through l'!n
endless m:lZI' C>f pac;c;a~cs nnd caverns. avoid pursuit
by the drow. und find a route to the world above all the
while dealing with the danl{cr., of the Undcrdark and
Sltuggling to find the re..aurN'S they need to survive.
This chapter presems guidelines for the characters'
travels betwt'en the various Underdark locales detailed
in the other chapters of Out of the Abys.c;. Specific
areas (mcluding the Dark lake region in chapter 3) offer
modification~ to these guidelines to suit those areas'
particular quahues. This c-hapter also offers guidelines
for the drO\< pursuit or th<· e<;caped prisoners. along
with add111onal encoumrr<; you can place along the
adventurt'n.: route a'> the} tra,·el.


The players' first question upon escaping from
Vf>lkynvelvc is likt>ly, "Where do we go next?~ The
adventurers must find a way out of the Underdark and

bark to the surf:u·t• world. Their NPC companions have
dcstinaUons of thrir own in mind, ilnrl are the ones best
nblc to navi~tatr tht• subten·ancan rt>alms. As such, the
adventurer will bt' dt>prndcnt on th<>ir guidance. The
NPCs can offer dm•rtions and sug~~;ec;tions as follows:

  • Buppido know'> how to reach Grac-klstugh from the
    -.outhPrn rout<' out ofVelkynvclvc. He can also find
    a route to Grarkl-,tu~h from the Dmklake. Buppido
    urge~ lhe ch:unrtt'r-, to J[O tO Grnrklqtugh to acquire
    bt>tter equipmrnt. and out of a deq1re to return to his
    pt"ople. He al<oo inte-nds to murde-r the characters one
    b) one along th~ way. belie,·in~ them to be divine offer-
    mg~ deli\'crcd mto his hand<;.

  • Prince Dcrrnd•l. the deJuqionol quaggoth. can't offer
    any usf'ful d•rc-rtionc;. but he gladly accompanies the
    party. rau;r-r to llO to thr c;urface world.
    Eldcth Frldrun ic; unfamiliar with this region of the
    Underdark and C'an't navi~~;ate. but -;he has a +5 bonus
    on Wisdom (Surviv:tl) rhc-rk<; and can help out in
    that regard.

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