Out of the Abyss

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This chapter features a number of set encounters.
Either as the characters journey to the Labyrinth or
return to Vizeran's tOwer. you can run the "Adamantine
Tower'' encounter. Once the characters reach the edge
of the Labyrinth. go to the "Spiral of the Horned Lord"
Within the Labyrinth, the characters take on the
encounters "Filthriddens.'' "March to Nowhere:·
"Yeenoghu's Hunt," and "Gallery of Angels'' (their
intended destination). They might also take on "The
Maze Engine·· e ncounter, inspired by knowledge gained
in chapter 13 and an e ncounter with some modrons in
the Labyrinth.


Twice each day that the party spends in the Labyri nth
(whether traveling or resting), roll a d20 and consult
the Labyrinth Encounters table to determine what,
if anything, they e ncounter. This table replaces the
random encounter tables in chapter 2 for as long as the
party remains in the Labyrinth.

d20 Encounter
1-10 No encounter
11 l behir
12 2d4 flumphs
l3 Gnoll pack
14 1d4 grells
15 1d4 hezrous
16 4d8 manes
17 2d4 minota u rs
18 1 monodrone
19 2d6 quaggoths
20 ld4 shriekers

This long-bodied reptile is either prowling a tunnel or
resting in a cave whe n the characters encounter it. The
behir retreats if reduced to 80 or fewer hit points.

This cloister of flumphs feeds on the psychic energy
they de tect from a nearby mind ftayer that has enslaved
2d4 quaggoths. The flumphs warn adventurers who
communicate with them about the nearby threats. but
it is up to the characters whether they wish to engage
those threats.

A gnoU fang ofYeenoghu named Kurr made his
way into the Labyrinth s hortly after Yeenoghu was
summoned to the Undcrdark. Kurr brought with him a
pack of hyenas and had them feast on the corpses of his
slain victims. This heinous act transformed the hyenas
into ten gnolls. Kurr's pack now prowls the Labyrinth in
search ofYeenoghu, s laughtering anything and anyone
they happen upon.

Unknown to his gnoll progeny. Kurr has succumbed
to a form of madness that que· lis his feral demeanor.
He's lost his appetite for carnage and is overcome with
guilt for all of the creatures he has slain. When his
pack happens upon the party, he sends his gnolls into
battle but doesn't partake of the violence. hoping that
the characters s laughter his brethren. Once they are
dead. Kurr bows his head solemnly. begs Yeenoghu's
forgiveness (first in his own language and then in
Abyssal). and then throws himself at the party's mercy.
Kurr is suffering from a form of indefinite madness
(see "Madness·· in chapter 8 of the Dungeon Masters
Guide) which, if cured. reverts him to a typically feral
gnoll. While afflicted with madness. Kurr can't bring
himself to kill any living creature except in self-defense.
If the characte rs spare hi s life. Kurr can act as a guide,

Random encounters rn the Labynnth take place in one of
the following environments, modified as you wish to suit
the creatures in the encounter.
Caves. Most caves in the Labyrinth are small (up
to 30 feet in diameter), with uneven floors featuring
stalagmites, columns, or pools of standing water. A cave
has a 10 percent chance offeaturing luminescent growth
on the walls that fillrt wrth dim light. In addition to the
tunnel through whrch the characters enter, there are 1 d3
additional tunnels leadrng out. These tunnels can exit the
cave through the floor, ceiling, or at odd angles.
Tunnels. Most tunnels in the Labyrinth are 5 to 10 feet
wide, with ceilings ld8 + 3 feet high. A tunnel follows a
straight path for no more than 2d4 x 10 feet before it turns.
Rifts. The Labynnth rs shot through wrth rifts and
chasms formed by upheavals in the earth. Blocks of stone
thrust up in some places to hrnder movement through
passages and caverns, while other areas drop off suddenly,
forming escarpments hundreds offeet high. In some
places, the earth has shrfted horizontally, creating tunnels
that end suddenly only to contrnue hundreds of feet away.
Any rift the characters encounter has a 75 percent
chance offeaturing a bridge or starrcase constructed to
navigate it.

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