Out of the Abyss

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for he has explored a great deal of the Labyrinth and can
lead the characters a long a safe route to an Underdark
shanty town (see ''Filthriddens"). Characters have no
random encounters if Lhey follow Kurr along this route,
although they periodically stumble upon the corpses
and bones of Underdark creatures slain by his gnolls.
The encounter with Kurr·s pack occurs only once. Any
subsequent occurrence of this encounter is with a pack
of 3d6 goolls. These gnolls came to the Underdark w ith
Ycenoghu. They cackle and scream the demon lord's
name as they tear into their prey.

The grells drop from an overhead shaft to feed.

These demons are tearing apart an iron ore cart, a
rusted section of mining track, or some other old fixture.
Party members can attempt to slip past the demons
without arousing t heir attention. Doing so requires a
successful DC 11 Dexterity (Stealth) check. On a failed
check, the demons detect the party member and attack.

Characters can hear the mewli ng of this vile mob long
before it appears. The manes scour the Labyr inth for
easy prey and move like a tide of putrid flesh.

These minotaurs roams the Labyrinth. slaying creatures
in the name of Baphomet.

This mod ron has become separated from its fellows (see
"March to Nowhere"), and there is a 75 percent chance
that it is looking to rejoin them. Tf the characters can
understand its language, the monodrone repeatedly
says, "We are on the march!"
A monodrone that doesn't want to rejoin its fellows
is a rogue mod ron, made so by the chaotic energies
suffusing the Underdark. This rogue monodrone gladly
joins the party, saying ·'Down with Primus!" in its own
language over and over. Its alignment is chaotic neutral,
and it can only follow one simple task at a time.

These quaggoths a re hungry and attack the party
regardless of its size. If there are five or more quaggoths
in the group, one of them is a quaggoth thonot (see the
"Variant: Quaggoth Thonot" sidebar in the ''Quaggorh ..
entry of the Monster Manual). If the tho not dies, the
other quaggoths immediately break off their attack and
begin feasting on the thonot's remains, hoping to gain
its psionic power.

The shriekers sound off when bright I ight or a creature
is within 30 feet of them. Their shrieking has a 75
percent chance of attracting other monsters, in which
case roll again on the Labyrinth Encounters table,
treating another shrieker encounter as "no e ncounter."


The adventurers come across a tower haunted by forces
of darkness.

Vaulted chambers bristle with stalactites and stalagmites,
slowing your passage as you wend your way across
uneven floors. Moving th rough a narrow passage, you
ente r a cavern dimly lit by phosphorescent fungi- and
a re met by the s ight of a d ark metal tower perched on the
edge of a cliff that drops away into d a rkness.
The square tower is twenty feet on a side and thirty
feet high, with arrow slits in each wall. A battlement
crowns its top, with a stone gargoyle peering over each
side. Set into the middle of the wall facing you is a
sturdy-looking door made of the same dark metal as the
rest of the tower.

No ordinary structure, the tower is a Daern's instant
fortress (see chapter 7, ·'Treasure." of the Dungeon
Master's Guide). Made entirely of adamantine, the two-
story tower has remained sealed since its last owner
retreated inside and locked the door behind her-but no:
before a pair of shadow demons slipped in as well. Tbe
demons killed the owner and left her remains on the
first floor. The tower can't be tipped over or otherwise
moved from iis position, and the arrow slits on each
level are too narrow for anything bigger than a Tiny
c reature to squeeze t hrough.
A character can learn the tower's command words
by casting an identify spell on it. The command word
to open the front door or the trap door on the roof is
"mimsy." The command word to transform the tower
into a one-inch metal cube is "brillig," but speaking it
has no effect since the shadow demons are still inside.
To return the tower to its cube form, the adventurers
must first empty it of any creatures.
Four gargoyles perch atop the tower. They remain
motionless as the characters enter the cavern, attackin,
only if anyone attempts to enter, climb, or damage
the tower.
This cavern's rough floor has been flattened where
the tower stands, while the floor be hind the tower has
collapsed into a shaft 300 feet deep and 100 feet in
diameter. Several tunnels branch off from the rough-
walled shaft at various points, allowing the c haracters
to continue their journey after climbing down. They can
move around the tower easily if they wish to ignore it.

The first floor of the tower is an open room. A ladder
affixed to the back wall leads up through a trapdoor
to the floor above. A pile of bones and moldering
clothes lies in the corner- the remains of the tower's
former owner.

Searching through the remains turns up two empty
potion bottles and a potion of mind reading.
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