Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1

The minotaurs' maze fills a region of the Underdark one
mile on each side. A network of corridors climbing up
to higher levels and descending to lower Ont'~'> by way of
ramps, the maze requires time, attention. and patience
to navigate. The corridors are 10 feet wide and tall,
faced with stone blocks mortared into place. Bits of flesh
and bone litter the floor, and s plashes of blood cover
the walls.
When the characters enter the maze, have them choose
their pace (fast, normal, or slow). It takes 1 hour to navigate
the maze at a fast pace. 2 hours at a normal pace. or 3
hours at a slow pace. Halfway through the journey. the
navigator must make a DC 15 Wisdom (Survival) check. A
fast pace imposes a - 5 penalty to the check. A slow pace
grants a +5 bonus. On a success, the characters find their
way out. On a failure, the characters must start the journey
from the beginning.
The longer it takes the characters to navigate through
the maze, the greater the ris k of encountering the
creatures within it. Eve ry 30 minutes the party spends
in the maze, roll a d20 and cons ult the Maze Encounters
table to see what, if anything, the characters meet.
lf Gash was attacked by the characters and fled into
the maze, he does his best to bring threats down on
them, in which case roll two d20s and take the higher
result. If Gash is friendly to the parry and accompanying
them, he tries to steer them away from danger. in which
case roll two d20s and take the lowe r result.



d20 Encounter
1-10 No encounter
11-12 Corpse
13 - 14 Gnawed bones
15 - 17 2d4 gnolls
18 - 20 ld6 minotaurs

The characters stumble upon the headless remains of
a butchered corpse belonging to a dead dwarf, gnoll,
human, or svirfneblin.

A pile of cracked and gnawed bones is laid out around a
pool of dried blood.

A frenzied group of 2d4 go oils is lost in the maze. The
gnolls attack any creatures they see.

These bloodthirsty minotaurs are hunting gnolls but
attack any other creatures they happen upon.
Treasure. The first time the characters fight the
minotaurs, one of them carries 32 ep and 22 c p in a
pouch made from a human face with the eyes and moU£b
sewn shut. The second time the characters encounter
minotaurs, one of them wears silver caps (worth 25 gp
each) on the ends of its horns.


Filthriddens was, until rece ntly, a shanty town of
Underdark exiles and refugees. The greatest threat
to inhabitants-apart from food shortages-was the
minotaurs that raided the settlement from time to time.
dragging off screaming prisoners to meet a grisly fate.
The recent arrival of the demon lords c hanged things. A
group of minotaurs was on its way to raid Filthriddens
when Yeenoghu and a pack of his frenzied followers
tore through this part of the Labyrinth, catching the
minotaurs off guard and slaughtering them. The sole
witness to this carnage was Grisha, an escaped human
slave of the drow. Yeenoghu's intercession saved him
from the minotaurs.
Yeenoghu and his pack moved on, but Grisha took
the head of a slain minotaur and brought it back to
Filthriddens. The skull became a talisman as Grisha
named Yeenoghu as the new protector and patron of
Fi lthr iddens. Residents who opposed this dark worship
were exiled or executed in short order. The cult of
Yeenoghu now controls the settlement. and Grisha rules
with an iron fist. He senses the power ofYeenoghu in
all things-and particularly in the way in which cultists
have begun to rise as undead ghouls after death.

Filthriddens lies 48 miles from the Spiral of the Horned
King, deeper in the Labyrinth. Kurr (see "Ranrlom
Encounters") or Gash (see "Gash the Gnoll") might lead
the characters he re if they don't find it on their own.
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