Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1
r tr t t tnt that none of the pnsoners who manage to
escape w1th the party can navig<lle 1n the Underdark-
or none that the char;~cters are w1lhng to heed at any
ra~e-the advtnturers wall be forced to wander. The party
rema ns lost unt1l the ch;aracters encounter creatures able
to g ve them o rtctaons or mtent on captunng them. Such
crtatures can mcludt kuo-toa from Sloobludop, duergar
s lavers or merchants from Gracklstugh, the goblins from
the SilKen Paths encounttr or even the1r drow pursuers
antent on dragg.ng them back to Velkynvelve

  • J•mjar can l{u•dc rhc party to Blingdeostone from
    the north route out of\'elkynvelve. The S\'irfneblin
    city will give the character~ access to the surface,
    althoughjimjar a:. fine with visiting other interesting
    places along the way, as well as taking Stool back
    to its home.
    Root Is unfamilinr with the Und~rdark and can't navi-
    gate. lie's willing to :.tick with the adventurers as long
    as they seek a destination that gets him back to the
    surface world.
    Sarirh l<zekarit i~ tlw best potential guide in the
    group, but a lso th e mo~t deceptive. He can navigate to
    any region of the Underdark shown on the map. but
    will encourage the characters to travel to cverlight
    Grove (see c hapter 5). He claims to want to take
    advantage of Stool\ offer of sanctuar y. but it is actu-
    ally the rnfluence of Zu(lf{tmoy's demon-tainted spores
    upon his mind.
    Shuu<,hnr can navi~ate through the Darklake once the
    party i'> within th ree mile!. of any part of it. He's will-
    ing to traH~I w11h the characters and guide them. and
    sul{~esl'> \'ll>itini the kuo toa town of Sloobludop to
    acquirt' boat!.. huushar washes to return to his own
    people 10 hope-. of guiding them to the enlightenment
    he has ach1eved.

  • Stool can't mlVigatc and hal> no knowledge of the
    local an~a. but 11 desperately wants to return home to
    cverli ght Grovt·. pleading with the characte rs to take
    it the re. It claims that its people will be grateful and
    offer the party shrlter and aid, and describes its sover-
    eign As wise in llw hidde n ways of the Unde rdark.

  • Topsy and Turvy can navigate lo Blingdcnstone, but
    th ey're reluctant to do so. As s uch, they are likely to
    s upport a ny s uggestion that will not take them to their
    former home. Once thry feel safer, they're likely to
    :.t rike out on their own. just as th ey were before the
    drow captured them.

location Velkynvelve Sloobludop Gracldstugh
Velkynvelve 8 days 28 days
Sloobludop 8 days 20 days
Gracklstugh 28 days 20 days
Neverlaght Grove 36 days 26 days 12 days
Blingdenstonc 30 days 20 days 20 days
Menzoberranzan 26 days 20 days 27 days

C 1i i\ l'l't;~ 2 I I N10 JH IUOJ I S~

The Underdark '"a \.J"t m twork of caverns, tunnels.
vaults. and pa~ooa2e" ... tretchml{ from one e nd of Faeruo
to the other. It<, ph) ... kal ft·ntures are even more varied
than tho e of the urface world. Subterranean rivers.
fungus fields, deep gorge<>, underground cities. yawninl!
chaooms-the adH~nturc·r<> \\ill ha\·e to deal with all these
featurt''> e~nd more.
Much of the party'c; travel through the Underdark
is handled abstractly. u •ng the rules and advice in
chapter 8. "Advcmurin~.· of the Player's Handbook.
The following specific guidt'hncl> apply to travel in the
Underdark during this ad .. rnturc.

Travel pace in the Undc rda rk is significantly slower
than for ove rlnncltruvcl. Not only are the tunnels and
passages ofte n diffic ult te rrain with untwe n surfaces,
but routes in the Undc rdark are rarely direct. and
the characters muc,t follow available passages and
their various twists and turns. climbs and descents.
Creatures that can burrow through solid rock (such as
purple worms) move a t thc1r normal burrowing speed,
but this isn't likely an option for the party.

Pace Miles Per Day Effect
Fast 8 S penalty to passive W'tsdom



(Perceptoon) scores; no fora gang

Improved foraging. or able
to use Stealth

A fast pnct• makes it harder to :.pot ambushes or
item~ of intc·rcst and prevent the characters from
foraging, whilt· a slow pace allows the characters
to travel stenhhily enough to surprise or sneak past
creatures th ey tntountcr, and improves their chances of
successful fornging for f ood and wnte r.
The Unde rdnrk Travel Times table s hows the time to
travel between Lh<: locutions in c hapte rs I through 6 of
th e adventure. Thcl:.c times assume that the party moves
a t a normal pnce without stopping (othe r than for time
spent resting or becoming lost). For a fast pace. reduce
th e travel times by On<" third; for a ~low pace. increase
them by one third.

Neverlight Grove Blingde nstone Menzoberranzan
36 days 30 days 26days
26 days 20days 20days
12 days 20 days 27 days
16 days 24 days
16 days 8days
24 days 8 days
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