Out of the Abyss

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The fun~i s pecies describrd in this section have strange
properties but no nutritional value.

A night lig ht is a tall and tube shaped bioluminescent
mushroom that grows to a hr ight of ld6 + 4 feet and
emits bright tight in a IS-foot radius and dim light for
an additional LS feet.;\ nightlight that is uprooted or
destroyed goes dark afwr 1 round. If a living nightlight
IS touched. either by <1 crrature or an object. its light
goes out untiln IS tourht"d again.

~ILHocc's NosE
A Xilhogg's nose is a small mushroom that grants anv
creature that eats 11 advantage on \ isdom (Percepti~n)
checks based on smrll for ld4 hours. However. the
creature suffers disadvantage on sa\ing throws against
effects based on ~mell for the same amount o f time.

-\bioluminescent green moss that grows in warm
and damp areas. o rmu is particularly common near
steam tunnels and vents. It sheds dim light in a 5 -foot
radius, and can bt hnrvcstrd, dried, and made into a
phosphorescent powdt' r or pigment.

Also known as "the devil\ mu-.hroom:· a timmask is
a two-fool-tall tondHtool with oran~e and red stripes
across it& bf'i~c cap. lJpruoting or destroying a timmask
causes it to cxpd a 15 -foot-rndius c loud of poisonous
spores. C reatures in th<· nren must s ucceed at a DC
14 Constitution '>Hving throw or be poisoned. While
poisoned in thi!< way. the creature is unde-r the effect of
a confusion spell with a duration of I minute. When the
spell effect end!>. the poisoned condition also ends.

To •cuE OF MADNEss
Tongue of m:~dn!'..,.., • .., an ~dible funs;tus that looks
somewhat hke a large human ton~uc. A creature that
eats a tongut· of madne<;c; rnu'it succct·d on a DC 12
Constitution '>3\lllg thrO\\ or compulstvely speak aloud
its e\·ery tho ught for th~ ne.\1 hour The effect can be
ended with n lrsc,er restoration spell or similar magic.

A one- to two foot-t:~ll mushroom wuh a combustible
cap, a si ngle torch!.talk burns for 24 hours once lit.
There b a 1 -in-6 rhancc that a torrh.,talk explodes
whe n lit. burst in~ into a cloud of fiery spores. Creatures
within 10 fel't of an exploding torchc;talk take 3 (ld6)
fire damage.

( 'JIAt'lfolt 'l l rNTO DAR.K:>If'SS
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