Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1


For e'ery 500 feet the pany travel!> through the webs.
check for a random encounter by rolling a d6. An
encoumc::r occurs on a roll of 1 unless one or more par ty
member::. an: carrying light sources, in which case an
encoumcr occurs on a roll of 1 3. Roll on the Silken
Paths Encounters table or choo!:>e a suitable encounter
when one occurs.

dl2 Encounter
Cocooned lightfoot haiAmg
2 1d4 d arkmantles
3 ld4 drow and 1d4 quaggoth slaves
4-8 2d4 giant spiders
9 1 mimic
10 1 spectator
11 -12 Web break

The characters find a still-living lightfoot halfling
cocooned in webbing. He is poisoned and paralyzed for
the next hour.
Farga~ Rumblcfoot was a member of an adventuring
band looking for a long-lo:.t tomb when Lhey were
attacked by a pack of mad gnolls. Fargas escaped,
got lost in the Silken Path~. and was auacked by the
spiders. If re:,cued. he promises to show the characters
the way to the: tomb in exchange for a share of its
treasures (:,ee "'Lo:,t Tomb of Khaem·· later in this
chapter). Fargas is a chaotic good hal fling spy. in
addition to his armor and weapon!:>, he carries a podon
of invisibility.

These subterranean hunters swoop down and allack
the party.

These hateful drow and their murderous quaggoth
s laves are navigating the Silken Paths on their way
through the Underdark. If Derendil is with the party,
he can usc an action to make a DC 15 Charisma check,
turning the quaggoth slaves against their drow masters
on a succc:,s. If the drow are di:,posed of, Derendil can
repeat the check to turn the surviving quaggoths into
his followers. Should Derendil pe rish. these quaggoths
can't be com rolled and fight to the death.
If any drow escapt> th e encounter, increase the pur::.uit
level of the party's drow pursuers by 1.

Giam spiders are the most common inhabitants of Lhc
Silken Paths. and th<·y are drawn to vibrations in the
webs that indicate potential prey.

This creature pretend!:> to be an iron chest entangled in
the webs. When thf' rharacters draw close to examine it,
the mimic attack!:>.

Cll \1'11'.R 2 I!'TO DARK-.:t:SS

Freed from it:, M!nice to a long-dead drow wizard. this
mad aberration now float:, through the web·filled chasm.
It communkate:, with th e characters telepathically,
warning them about .. demons rising in the dark:· The
creature becomes increa~ingly paranoid and convinced
that the characters arc themselves demons, come to
bind it into :,ervitude. at which point it attacks and tries
to destroy them.

A Mrand of \\eb under one randomly determined party
member snaps. Each creature walking on that web
strand must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw as
de:,cribed under ··falling" in the .. Silken Paths: General
Features" sidebar. immediately c hec k for another
encounter af1e r the saving throws are resolved.

The characters e nte r an area whe re a band of gnolls
lured io the Underdark by the demon lord Yeenoghu arc
hunting a mated pair of hook horrors. Having left guards
at the main entrance to the lair (area 5), the gnoll pack
lord has split irs remaining humcrs into two groups,
both of which are allempting to flush out the hook
horrors to win the right to tear them apart.
The advcnrurers wander into the area from a second
entrance to the caverns (area 1) and become embroiled
in the hum. Whether they choose to avoid the hunting
party. aid the hook horrors. or negotiate their way out of
the situation is up to the players.

  1. HooK HoRRORS
    The characters hear clacking noises as they approach
    this point in the passageway. Suddenly, two hook
    h orrors dash from the side passage. moving from area
    2A toward area 3. The hook horrors attack only in self-
    defense and are more afraid of the giggling, rampaging
    gnolls than they are of the characters.
    The gnolb are two chambers be hind the hook horrors,
    reaching this point on the following round, unless the
    characters move toward them (in which case the two
    groups converge in area 2A).

Pour gnoll s move into this a rea the round after the hook
horrors move past the party, then follow their quarry
into area 1 on the following round.
The gnolls can't resist anacking any other creatures
that cross their path while shrieking .. Sacrifices for
Ycenoghu!" in their own tongue. (Even if no one in
the party speaks Gnoll. the name of the demon lord is
clearly recognizable.)

Sound:, of combat or calls from the gnolls might attract
their pack mates in areas 28 and 5.
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