Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1


Though its name might evoke images of a single
subterranean body of water, the Darklakc is a network
oi underground rivers, natural tunnels. and canals
rhat connect innumerable water-filled caverns and
chambers. This vast waterway stretches over a hundred
miles across, with ceilings that are miles high in some
places and depths that a rt' unfathomable.
Long ago, duergar engineers extended and widened
many of the interconne<'ting passages of the Darklake.
They also constructed locks for raising and lowering
"-"'atercraft to dirferent levels within it, opening up large
portions of the network for travel. Many Underdark
~reawres are experienced in navigating the Darklake,
ncluding the kuo-toa-lishlike humanoids known
:or their insane obsession with unraveling the secre t
patterns of the Underdark. Still, better to trust a ku~:Hoa '
~uide than attempt to traverse the Darklake alqne and
ecome lost within it forever. · -

The adventurers can usc the Dark lake to reach many
destinations in the Underdark. More importantly, water
travel makes it difficult for their drow pursuers to track
them. The kuo-toa town of Sloobludop is located on the
eastern edge of the Darklake, and is a potential source
of watercraft and navigational aid. But as they seek out
these resources. the characters learn of terrible powers
loose in the Underdark worse than the drow. the kuo-
toa, or any other threat of this dark realm.
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