Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1
d20 Cargo
1-10 None
ll-13 1d20 x 100 pounds of unrefined iron ore
14-16 1d4 zurkhwood crates filled with mining tools
17-19 2d4 zurkhwood casks of harvested fungi (see
"Fungi of the Underdark" in chapter 2)
20 A locked iron chest containing 3d6 x 100 gp and a
random magic item (roll once on Magic Item Table
Bin chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master's Guide).

~anny Plunk is a green hag who likes to taunt and
lead t ravelers astray. She might instead bargain with
the characters with her knowledge of the Darklake,
especially if her life or freedom is at stake.lf this
encounter occurs again, it might be with Nanny or one
of her sisters, Maven Delve or Dame Spiderwort.

A grclt descends from the cavern ceiling. attempting to
grab and paralyze one party member. then fly off with
its victim.

These creatures attack any party members in the
""-·ater. Otherwise. they follow the party and wait for an
opportunity to strike. If denied a meal for too long, they
begin to gnaw on tht> hull of a boat or the underside of
a raft, hoping to sink it (this tactic is ineffective against
craft with a high damage threshold).

These kuo-toa pole a keelboat toward Sloobludop (or
away from the town if it has been attacked: see the
end of this chapter). If the characters have not been to
Sloobludop, the kuo-toa might try to capture them and
bring them there. See "The Day's Catch" for details.
Roll a d20 and consult the Kuo-toa Keelboat Cargo
table to determine what. if anything, the due rgar are
transporting in their keelboat.

d20 Cargo
1-15 None
16-17 1d4 nets; each net has a 50 percent chance of
containing 3d6 dead, edible quippers
18-19 1d4 nets; each net has a 50 percent chance of
containmg 1d4 living stirge.s
20 1d4 pieces of broken, barnacle-encrusted statuary,
each worth 50 gp; each weighing 1d4 x 5 pounds;
and each depicting a weird alien creature, a long-
forgotten god, or fragment thereof.

These worshipers of Demogorgon have been driven
mo a frenzy by his arrival in the Underdark. They
mmediatcly attack, trying to capsize or wreck boats as
:hey utter t he war cry, "Blood and salt for the P rince of
Demons!" in Abyssal.

A merrow can use its action to capsize a boat or
raft within 5 feet of it. Anyone in the boat can thwart
the mcrrow by using a reaction to make a Strength
check contested by the mer row's Strength check. If the
merrow wins the contest. the vessel capsizes.

These stirges cling to the ceiling like bats. If the party is
aware of the stirges, the characters can make a DC I 3
group Dexterity {Stealth) check to slip past the stirges
without disturbing them.lf the group check succeeds,
the stirges ignore the party. Otherwise. the stirges
descend and attack the nearest party members.

A swarm of quippers keeps pace with the characters,
attacking anyone in the water. If an hour passes a nd no
meal has presented itself, the quippers stop following
the party.

Bound to some long-lost site beneath the surface of the
water, this neutral evil elemental rises to attack when
tJ1e characters pass by.
Roll a d6 and consult the Weird Discoveries table to
determine what the water weird is guarding.

d6 Discovery
1-2 Sunken altar dedicated to a forgotten deity
3-4 Sunken statue with 500 gp black pearls for eyes; a
thief who removes one or both gems becomes the
target of a contagion spell (save DC 14).
5-6 Sunken, sealed sarcophagus containing a mummy
and 1d4 art objects (roll on the 250 gp Art Objects
table in chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master's Guide)

Population: 500 kuo-toa
Government: The archpriest P loopploopeen once
r uled in the narne of the Sea Mother, the goddess
Blibdoolpoolp. He was recently challenged and
displaced by his daughter Bloppblippodd, archpr iest of
Leemooggoogoon the Deep Father.
Defense: All kuo-toa rally to the village's defense,
including whips and monitors serving the priesthood.
Commerce: The kuo-toa trade with various races of the
Underdark near the Darklake, in addition to providing
ferry service and navigation.
Organizations: Two major shrines and several
other minor ones.
Sloobludop is a kuo-toa village on the eastern edge of
the Darklake. From a distance. it looks like a massive
tangle of reeds stretching up into the darkness. lit
by glowing spots of phosphorescence. Upon closer
approach, a series of rickety towers can be seen, lashed
together by rope and plank bridges set in haphazard
patterns. Even above ground, the kuo-toa build in line
with their three-dimensional aquatic sensibilities,
constructing their "great city'' as if it were underwater.

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