Out of the Abyss

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Buppido has a secret agenda in Gracklstugh. If he is still
With the party, the derro looks for the first opportunity to
slip away and return to his hidden lair and "shrine" in the
Whorlstone Tunnels (see "Whorlstone Tunnels").

Pursuit .. earlier in this chapter). their pursuit level
increases by I every ld4 days untilllvara arrives.
Alternatively. the adventurers might decide w turn the
tables on the drow. Characters might figure out a way to
quietly neutralize Xalith and her squad. perhaps tricking
them into damaging a duergar merchant's property
or forcing them outside Darklake District. where
even drow arc forbidden to go. Doing so decreases
the pursuit level by 2. However, if combat ever breaks
out between the characters and the drow, a squad of
five duergar Stone Guards (see appendix C) and five
duergar warriors arrivt' within ld4 rounds and arrest
the lot of them (see "Gelling Captured").

This huge, ramshackle brewery is built of stone blocks
stacked ro make walls between the petrified stems of
a small forest of gigantic mushrooms. Big copper vats
steam within, filling the air with a heavy, yeasty stink.
Dozens of copper kegs stand nearby. and burly gray
dwarves swarm over the place, mashing fungus. mixing
fermenting masses. and filling casks with freshly.
brewed ale. This complex is the workplace and home of
Clan Muzgardt. the dut'rgar clan in charge of brewing
Darklake Stout and in control of the brewing and
importation of other spirits. on-duergar aren't welcome
insid(' th(' brewery.


These busy docks are used primarily by Oat-bottomed
rafts made of zurkhwood and lacquered puffbaiJ floats.
Some of these ramshackle barges come with oars or
paddle wheels. The rafts look ungainly, but each can
carry tons of trade goods.
The characters land at the easternmost inlet if they
arrive at Gracklstugh by way of the Dark lake. near the
Ghohlbrorn's Lair inn. Tfthcy instead arrived through a
gate and successfully bribed Gorglak, they might come
here looking for his contact, Werz Saltbaron.

The characters spot a male duergar merchant at the
end of a pier. Suddenly. two invisible ducrgar appear
next to him and stab him viciously with glowing swords.
The assassins' faces are masked and hooded. The
characters have 2 rounds to distract the two duergar
soulblades (see appendix C) before they finish off
the merchant.
The merchant is Werz Salt baron. lf the characters
save him. he is grudgingly grateful and says he has no
idea why the assassins targeted him. A successful DC
12 Wisdom (Insight) check suggests he's lying. He flees
the scene, but not before telling the characters to meet
him at the Shattered Spire the following day so he can
reward them properly.


The characters have 1 minute to search the assassins
before a patrol of four duergar arrives. The glowing
weapons wielded by the assassins are nowhere to be
found, but one of the assassins has a piece of fish-skin
parchment bearing Werz's likeness drawn in charcoal.

Hidden next to the easternmost pier. a disabled drainage
pipe is the Gray Ghosts' access point to a secret
cavern system beneath Gracklstugh (see ~whorlstOne
Tunnels~). It takes a successful DC 15 Wisdom
(Perception) check to notice the pipe beneath piles of
refuse. Within, loose bars block the 5-foot-wide passage,
but removing them activates an alarm that warns the
Gray Ghosts inside the caverns. A character can notice
the alarm's trigger- a thin wire connected to the top
of one of the bars with a successful DC 14 Wisdom
( Perception) check, and can disable it with a successful
DC 12 Dexterity check using thieves' tools.
Nearly 100 feet into the pipe, a hatch on the floor
opens into a rough-hewn well. A ladder extends down 80
feet to another hatch on the floor, which leads to area 8
in the Whorlstone Tunnels.

Dung/orrin Torune, which translates as Overlake Hold,
is a fortress and temple dedicated to Laduguer carved
into the heart of a massive stalagmite on the shore of the
Dark lake. It is also the home of the Deepking and the
center of government. Dunglorrin Torune bristles with
forge chimneys from which smoke billows and ledges
from which catapults can hurl stones at waterborne
invaders. (If necessary. use the mangonel statistics in
chapter 8 of the Dungeon Master's Guide.)

Tf the characters are arrested, they are taken to the
hold's dungeons, where they receive a chance to earn
their freedom by serving the Stone Guard.

After waiting a long while in a dungeon cell carved out
of impressively thick stone, you are taken to a dark office
and met by an imposing female gray dwarf. She is fully
armored and bears an insignia you have not seen on any
other duergar. She is Aanked by two Stone Guards who
remain by the door.
"I am Cap tam Errde Blackskull, commander of the
Stone Guard," she says. giving each of you a calculating
look. "let me start by sayrng you are worth nothing
here in Gracklstugh. Most of those in my command
would sell you off ill a heartbeat as the cheapest manual
labor. However, I've learned to make much better use of
adventurers like you.~
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