Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1

..nnels' entrance or follow him farther in, depending
"l their end goals. If they follow Droki. he goes to area
a. eats a pygmywort mushroom, and disappears imo a
n...!'row tunnel (see the ''Whorlstone Tunnels: General
Features" sidebar).
:>roki's route takes him all around the Whorlstone
Tunnels. and he's too scatterbrained to notice anyone
.owing him. Droki's route is marked with red arrows
the map of the Whorlstone Tunnels. He eats a
_ ~mywort mushroom wht>never he needs to navigate a
~ow tunnel. As he approaches areas 7 and 8, he cats
..,1gwig mushroom, reverts to normal size, delivers
e Gray Ghost parcel (see "Treasure''), and collects his

. menl from Lorthio the duergar alchemist (see area
' Droki then heads north to area 9, where he sneaks
..... tly around the central pool so as not to disturb its
·upant. Upon reaching area ll, he greets the derro
,.re before eating another pygmywort mushroom and
eling through the narrow tunnel leading to area
He eats another bigwig and reverts to normal size
·ore making his delivery to the cultists in that area.
.-r visiting the cultists. Droki makes his way out of
\'horlstone Tunnels.
I" Jle characters hinder or attack Droki, he screams in
_ht and knocks his feet together. activating his boots
speed. If a chase ensues, resolve the outcome using
chase rules in chapter 8 of the Dungeon Master's
:suklc. Droki has advantage in his Dexterity (Stealth)
"' ks. as he knows the Whorlstone Tunnels well. If
loses the characters, he resumes his errands as if
:::;J(fung had happened.
li Droki manages to escape, characters can pick
bs trail by searching any area through which the
~ passt!d and succeeding on a DC 15 Wisdom
·ivai) check.

lou hates everyone in general and surfacers in

  • .1cular. He gnashes his teeth if he has to address the
    ~cters, taking every opportunity to be insulting and
    ~leading. If the characters look through his satchel
    .e he's still conscious, he throws an epic tantrum
    becomes intractable until knocked unconscious.
    Druki is a lso obsessed with things happening where
    \hen they should. lf he is captured before he runs
    errands in the Whorlstone Tunnels, he constantly
    Ia ins about the characters altering fate by delaying
    and a good tactic to pressure him is to threaten to
    h1m indefinitely. He prefers to escape than to fight.

  • if the characters take his satchel.

.,. ~SURE
ng or incapacitating Droki gives the characters the
to rummage through his belongings. He wears
s Jf speed and a hat that is one of a kind. He sewed
,·uffed displacer beast tentacles to the hat in the
'of them attacking his enemies on their own, a
'~.Jn he volunteers if the characters question him.
I at might be worth something to a collector of
es. but is otherwise worthless.

  • "i's satchel is made of stitched darkmantlc hide
    .;ntains the following items:

1 gp and 10 sp
A spell scroll of see invisibility
Two potions of healing
A worthless collection of dead vermin (spiders. centi-
pedes. and the like) in various states of decomposition
Pages of lizard-skin parchment held together between
two leather covers from two differenr books. The
pages are full of mad scribbles and arcane formulas,
but a character proficient in Intelligence (Arcana) can
study them for 1 hour to discover that they constitute
a spellbook containing the Tenser's floating disk and
feign death spells.

  • A strange lump of black metal, which Drok.i intends to
    deliver to the Gray Ghosts (sec below)
    A scroll in a copper tube and four small pouches
    containing stone giant toenail clippings and s kin
    flecks, which Droki intends to deliver to the cultists
    (see below). Each pouch is tagged with a different
    name, and the scroll contains a list of names match-
    ing those on the tags. together with descriptions.
    One of the names is "Dorhun." with a description
    corresponding to Stonespeaker Hgraam's apprentice.
    The rest of the names belong to other stone giants of
    Clan Cairngorm.
    The derro might have other items depending on
    whether he is allowed to make his deliveries and collect
    his payments. as follows.
    Delivery to the Gray Gh osts. Droki imends to deliver
    the strange lump of black metal to the Gray Ghosts.
    receiving payment from Lorthio the alchemist (see
    area 8) in the form of a mithral medallion worth 125
    gp. The medallion is a holy symbol of Laduguer. set
    with a carving depicting an arrow breaking on a shield.
    Characters not sanctioned by the Keepers of the Flame
    to carry the symbol will be arrested by the guards
    (see "Getting Captured'') if they are caught with it in
    Delivery to the Cultists. Droki intends to deliver the
    scroll and the pouches of stone giant toenail clippings
    and skin nec ks (ritual components) to the derro c ultists
    (see area 12). Droki is paid for th is delivery with a potion
    of invisibility and an hourglass worth 50 gp.

Capturing the derro and taking him to Errde Blackskull
earns the characters I 50 XP each.

    The narrow corridor from the West Cleft opens into
    a long cavern lined with stalactites and stalagmites.
    Whatcr drips from lhc stalaclites. forming small pools
    on the floor.

The glow of faerzress casts an eerie soft light across this
cavern, swirling into spiral patterns and casting dancing
shadows from the jagged pillars lining the walls. The air
smells and tastes slightly metallic, and the sound around
you is strangely muted. The dripping of water makes no
echo, as if you stood in open air.

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