Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1


Communities of myeonids can be found throughout the
Lnderdark. Thcst• intelligent. vaguely humanoid fungi
lead lives of work and shared contemplation, providing
shelter and safe passage to any who approach them
The relative isolation ofNcverlight Grove, its
abundance of food and water. and the welcoming nature
of its inhabitants might bring the characters here to
rest, recuperate, and resupply. While in the grove, they
"an consult with the colony's myconid sovereigns about
possible ways back to the surface world. while enjoying
J much-needed respite from the brutal and harrowing
onditions of the Undcrdark.
However, this particular myconid haven isn't as safe
as it might appear. One of their sovereigns has faJlen
under the sway of Zuggtmoy. the Demon Queen of

Fungi, who wasted no tim~ building herself a stronghold
in a colossal mushroom called Yggmorgus. There.
she works on a malevolent scheme to claim all the
Undcrdark as her domain. More and more myconids are
slowly becoming unwitting thralls under her control.
and characters who linger in cvcrlight Grove might
find themselves in great peril.


Because so few Underdark travelers have ever stumbled
upon Neverlight Grove. it rarely appears on any maps.
early all the routes leading to it are dangerous and
difficult to navigate, although many streams flow into
and through the grove. If the characters enter the
general area of the grove and stay close to-or travel
along-these waterways, they eventually find their way
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