Out of the Abyss

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here. Alternatively, three of the party's companions can
guide them to Ncverlight Grove.
Stool, the character!>' fellow prisoner from chapter
1, is a myconid sprout from the grove. captured by the
drow before Zuggtmoy began exerting her influence
over the myconids here. Although not knowledgeable
about the Underd ark, Stool has an innate sense of
where its home lies and can guide the party tOward
it. Upon its return. Stool is greatly disturbed by
the changes it encounters in the grove. Tt isn't well
acquainted with either sovereign, but finds itself drawn
toward Basidia.
The former drow prisoner Sarith Kzckarit might
also become the party's guide, owing to his extensive
knowledge of th e Undcrdark. Though the party doesn't
realize it, Sarilh is infected with Zuggtmoy's spores.
which now control his mind. lie tries to steer the party
toward Neverlight Grove, citing it as a place of safety in
which the adventurers can decide their next move. In
reality, he unlknowingly leads the characters to become
slaves of the Demon Queen of Fungi.
If the characters already visited Gracklstugh, Sarith
might have gone with the infected myconids in the
Whorlstone Tunnels. lt>aving Rumpadump with the
party. A myconid sprout traveling with a troupe of
infected myconids, Rumpadump has avoided infection
and can also lead characters to the grove. He also
expresses concern that the corrupted spores of
its previous traveling companions might have also
infected its home.

Characters traveling to and from everlight Grove
encounter evidence of Zuggtmoy's growing influence
in the region. Whenever the party is within four days of
Neverlight Grove. use the Encounters around Neverlight
Grove table instead of the random encounter tables in
chapter 2 to d etermine what. if anything, they encounter.

d 20 Encounte r
1- 8 No encounter
9 16 Fungi patch (see below)
17 - 18 1d4 nothics
19-20 1 chasme demon crawling on the ceiling or
1 v rock demon perched on a ledge (your choice)

If the characters are camped or resting. treat this
encounter as "no encounter.'' Otherwise, the characters
stumble upon a large fungi patch growing in a damp
cave or tunnel. The fungi patch is difficult terrain
and consists of many common but inedible species
of giant fungi. Roll a dlO and consult the Fungi Patch
Discoveries table to determine what else the characters
find here.
See ''Fungi of the Underdark'' in chapter 2 for more
infor mation on edible and exotic species of fungi.
Entries marked with an asterisk are further described
after the table.


d20 Fungi or Creatures
1d6 barrelstalks
2 2d6 bluecaps
3 1d3 c a rrion crawlers
4 1d4 drow spore servants* (see appendix C) and
1d4 quaggoth spore serva nts*
5 Fire lichen growing near a thermal vent
6 3d6 giant fire beetles
7 1d4 myconid adults*
8 1d6 nightlights
9 1 otyugh hidden under a mound of offal
10 Patch of brown mold (see "Dungeon Hazards" in
chapter 5 of the Dungeon Master's Guide)
11 1d 4 awakened zurkhwoods*' (see appendix C)
12 2d4 sheets of ripplebark growing on the walls
13 1 d4 s hrie kers*'
14 2d4 timmasks
15 1d6 tongues of madness
16 2d6 torchstalks
17 2d6 tnlhmacs
18 1d4 violet fungi
19 2d4 waterorbs growing near a freshwate r spring
20 1d4 zurkhwoods*

Drow and Quaggoth S p ore Servants. These spore
servants tend the fungi patch on behalf of the myconids
and ignore the party unless attacked or interfered with,
in which case they defend themselves.
Myconid Adults. These gentle creatures tend to the
fungi patch and mind their own business, attacking
only in self-defense. If the characters establish
communication with the fungus folk and ask for
directions to everlight Grove, the myconids offer to
escort them to the grove and introduce them to their
exalted leader. Sovereign Phylo.
S en tinel Mushroom s. These giant animated
mushrooms guard the fungi patch, atiacking if they
are harmed or if the characters try to harvest any of
the fungi.
Shriek ers. The shrieking of these fungi has a 50
percent of allracting a nearby ch asm e or vrock demon
(your choice), which arrives ld6 + 4 rounds later and
fights until killed.
Zurkhwoods. There is a 50 percent chance that one
of the zurkhwoods has ld4 + 4 st i r ges nesting in its cap.
The stirges are drawn to light sources.


While many passages lead to everlight Grove. most
are little more than narrow fissures riven by trickles
of water. Only one natural tunnel is fit for relatively
easy travel by Medium creatures, formed by a drying
underground stream and dimly lit by glowing lichen.
Upon entering the cavern of the grove, characters
leave the horrors of the Underclark behind. They find
themselves in a hidden enchanted place. strangely
alien but se renely beautiful. The access tunnel
opens above the grove's main floor. providing the
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