Out of the Abyss

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The circles in Neverlight Grove arc divided by
spccializecl function, with each circle performing a
specific rol<' in the colony. Seven circles are presem
in the grove, each containing an average of twenty
myconids the Circle of Hunters, the Circle of
Explorers, the Circle of Sowers. the Circle of Builders,
the Circle of Growers. plus the recently formed Inner
Circle and Circle of Masters. Each circle gathers around
a circle mound a pile of rocks and soil upon which
mold, lichen, and mushrooms are encouraged to grow.
The myconids of a circle gather around their own
mound to meld and sleep.
After becoming enthralled by Zuggtrnoy, Phylo
decided the myconids would meld exclusively within
their own circle. and only the circle leaders would
meld with the other circle leaders and the sovereigns.
Phylo asserted that this would make all the circles '
meldings far more efficient, thereby making the tending
oft he grove that much easier. Most of the grove's
myconids have gone along with this new and unusual
concept, swayed by Phylo's claims that a higher level of
communal harmony will be achieved.
Basidia believes that Phylo's separation of the circles
is contrary to the unity and harmony of the myconid
way of life, and that this segregation isolates individuals
from the experiences of others outside their circle.
Basidia has likewise expressed concern about the
unnaturalness of the Inner Circle and the Circle of
Masters. However. Basidia's views are either dismissed
or ignored by Phylo and its allies, who zealously claim
that exciting changes arc coming for the grove.
A more recent development has Basidia even more
disturbed when the adventurers arrive in everlight
Grove. Yestabrod. the leader of the Circle of Masters,
has not attended an Inner Circle melding for several

Myconids lead lives completely unlike the experiences of
any surface dweller. The only things they have in common
with humanoids are the need for sustenance, the desire
to live, and the joy of socialization, although they practice
each of these things in different ways than humanoids.
Truly alien creatures, myconids have difficulty telling Aesh·
and-blood humanoids apart.
Myconids are innocent about matters of ethics and
morality, their lives centered on living fully each day and
worrying little about the future and nothing at all about
the past. Despite the communal nature of their existence,
they are individuals with their own unique interests and
distinct personal1t1es. They grav1tate toward simple, shared
joys, living by the w1sdom and insight their melding
provides. Because of their na1ve and sharing ways, as well
as their fungal nature, they are extremely vulnerable to the
corrupting inAuence of Zuggtmoy.
The myconids of Neverlight Grove are beginning to reel
from the Lady of Decay's mAuence, with many blissfully
welcoming her madness, while others bravely try to resist
it. Myconids affected by Zuggtmoy abandon the growth of
life as the core of their being in favor of decay and death.
More horrifying is that they do so with childlike innocence,
reveling in the corrupt1on of all life with a sense of wonder
and joy, unable to grasp the evil they have embraced.


days now. instead sending a representative (see "The
Circle of Mast«>rs" in area 5). Times in Neverlight
Grove are strange and worrisome indeed.

Myconid~ share e verything through melding. Rapport
spores carry a tiny bit of all myconids to the other
myconids in their circle, to be absorbed and reside
within them, and creating a telepathic familial bond.
When the myconids of a circle gather to meld. they share
their individual insights. fears. hopes, and dreams.
Through the melding. all myconidsjoin together to form
the heart a nd soul of a colony.

Initially weakened by the summoning ritual that
wrenched he r from the Abyss. Zuggtmoy found her
way to Neverlight Grove, drawn by the strength of its
fungal vitality. Upon her arrival, she quickly assessed
the situation, realizing the shortest path to gain control
of the grove would be to sway and corrupt its original
sovereign to serve her until s he recovered her stre ngth.
After being welcomed to the grove by Phylo. Zuggtmoy
melded with the sovereign in secret, seducing it with
the promise of a paradise for the mushroom folk if
Phylo would lead them to become her followers on
the Material Plane. Its mind completely lost inside the
demon queen's insidiously mad vision, Phylo became
enthralled by the promise of plentiful soil and moisture.
perpetual rot. and beautiful transcendent dreams to
be shared in a never-ending communal melding- all
offered to the grove's folk as generous and wondrous
gifts from the Lady of Decay.
Everyday melding has now become a s ubtle
ideological war between supporters of the two myconid
sovereigns. Phylo is s lowly convincing the mushroom
folk to follow the new path. Basidia and its dwindling
supporters argue against the new way, even as they lose
ground (and allies) each time the circles of the grove
share consciousness.
As more and more myconids unwittingly become
vessels for Zuggtmoy's spores, Neverlight Grove
becomes a more extravagantly festive place. The quiet,
contemplative joy of the mushroom folk's way of life
is being inexorably replaced by decadent. enraptured
euphoria and the madness that euphoria hides.

P opulation : 150 myconids and spore servams
Governme nt: Organized circles ruled by larger
specimens called circle leaders: even larger
specimens called sovereigns rule the emire colony
Defe nse: Spore servants and awakened zurkhwoods
Comme rce: None
Organizations: Seven myconid circles:
Zuggtmoy's servants
Myconids have lived in Neverlight Grove for untold
generations. experiencing little or no change in their
lives until recently. ow their world is being altered
faster than many of the fungus folk can keep up
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