Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1

If Gasbide interacts with the characters using rapport
spores. it demands descriptions of surface-world
structures, bristling with an excitement seldom seen
in myconids.ll asks for exasperatingly minor details
such as the precise dimensions of bricks or the density
of lumber. Gasbide reveals through the rapport that it
dreams of building a fungal tower "even greater than
Yggmorgus.'' lt hopes to break through the Underdark to
the surface world. possibly ·'with the aid of Araumycos:·
Gasbide has no conscious knowledge of what
Araumycos is, sensing only that it is part of the great
celebration to come. See "Yggmorgus" (at the end of this
chapter) and chapter 16, "The Fetid Wedding:· for more

The circle mound of the growers is on the top terrace,
ncar the cavern wall. The growers are the colony's
farmers. ensuring the soil beneath the pools remains
fertile and tending the fungi there.
Hebopbe. The leader of the growers doesn't care
much for Phylo's new ideas. But though it misses mass
meldings, Hebopbe doesn't see Basidia's protests as
worthy of concern. Hebopbe is infected by Zuggtmoy's
spores, but isn't yet under her control.


This depression in the cavern floor is the main part
of the mycon id colony. The central c irc le mound was
only recently c reated, and is now a kind of "town
square" where all the grove's myconids gather for mass
meldings. These have become rare, however, reserved
for when Phylo wants to stoke the myconids' enthusiasm
for lhe celebration that only those infected by Zuggtmoy
know about. This leaves the uninfected confused but
happy that something joyous is about to happen.

Beyond the mud and mushrooms that spread across the
cavern, a large, clear pool sits in the midst of the fungal
grove. A central mound seems to be the only dry spot in
sight, though a small cliff rises above the cavern floor far
across the clearing, with giant mushrooms visible in the
distance. Bioluminescent fungi trace strange constellations
along the cavern's ceiling and walls, showing the darkness of
the ravine and a mist-shrouded smaller cavern beyond.

The central mound is the base of the colony's two
myconid sovereigns. Phylo and Basidia. They hold
court together with th1·ee myconid adult councilors
named Brelup. Posbara. and Breberil. Ten awakened
zurkhwoods (see appendix C) protect the mound and
obey either of the sovereigns.
Sovereign Phylo. The sovereign towers above the
other myconids, its multiple caps swaying with the
sinuous shifting of its thick stalk as it moves. Once
it spreads its rapport spores, Phylo welcomes the
characters with honest enthusiasm- doubly so if they
have returned Stool and Rumpadump to their home.


"You are safe, friendly softers. You arrive at a wondrous
time, for Neverlight Grove is on the verge of something
great, something marvelous! Celebrate, as the day of
joy is nigh!

Phylo invites the characters to stay as long as they wish,
inviting them to explore and enjoy the many delights
of Neverlight Grove. He politely asks that they avoid
the eastern plateau because the Circle of Masters is
preparing "a wondrous and glorious surprise" in the
Garden of Welcome. Phylo offers LO give them a peek the
next day if they want. Tf Sarith is with Lhe characters,
he suggests they accept this offer. saying that keeping
on the sovereign's good side will help the party in the
long term. In truth, he is attempting to deliver the
adventurers to Zuggtmoy.
Phylo goes on about how "the Great Seeder" who lives
beyond the garden can answer any questions they have.
The sovereign describes this entity in favorable terms,
using ·'she" and "her" as it does so. Because myconids
have no concept of gender. this unusual speech is
further indication of Phylo's madness. However, the
sovereign dodges any question about who the Great
Seeder actually is, saying it is important for the
characters to experience her first hand.
Sovereign Basidia. A successful DC 12 Wisdom
(insight) check reveals that Sovereign Basidia is
uncomfortable with Phylo's behavior. Stool and
Rumpadump can easily discern that the harmony
between Phylo and Basidia is off. At the earliest
opportunity, Basidia volunteers to show the characters
around, or finds another opportunity to rapport with
them privately.
When alone with the characters, Basidia warns them
about staying in Neverlight Grove too long. It tells them
another group of "softers" (the name myconids use for
fleshy creatures) arrived not too many cycles ago and
accepted Phylo's offer. They were taken to the Garden
of Welcome and Basidia hasn't seen them since, nor
has Phylo made any further mention of them (sec
·'Questions for the Sovereigns"). Basidia also tells the
characters that the Circle of Masters is taking most of
the carcasses the Circle of Hunters bring in, and are
sending groups of myconids outside the grove without
telling anybody.
Jf Basidia rapports with Sarith or any other non-
myconid infected with Zuggtmoy's spores, it senses
the alien nature of the demon lord's corruption. It
can't identify Zuggtmoy's spores, but knows only that
it has not encountered them hefore. This is unusual.
Basidia tells the party, since most myconid sovereigns
recognize all spores produced by myconids throughout
the Underdark.
Questions for the Sovereigns. If the characters
ask the sovereigns to help them return to the surface
world. both are apologetic that they know of no
routes. However, Basidia notes that during its colony's
migration, the many travelers from the surface
world they encountered were mostly merchants on
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