Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1

Yrberop. The drcle leader is infected by Zuggtrnoy's
madness. lt is always swaying to music only it can
hear, but those in rapport with Yrberop can hear a faint
echo of its intemal cacophony. Yrberop is enthusiastic
about Phylo's plan to spread the happiness brought by
th e Great Seeder to everyone in the Underdark and
beyond. For that to happen, the colony needs many
more sprouts.
Tf the characters confer with Basidia, Stool, or
Rumpadurnp. these rnyconids tell them this push to
expand the population is unusual. given the balance
that the rnyconids have endeavored to maintain in
Nevcrlight Grove for so long.
Yrbcrop loses track of any conversation after a short
while and begins talking to the newly spored myconids
instead. Characters who communicate with Yrberop in
rapport and Su<"cced on a DC 13 Wisdom (Insight) check
can make out some of the words and impressions in
the circit' leader·~ lullaby. It sings of the Great Seeder
and "her" wedding to the Great Body, and how every
myconid is invited. bringing joy to all in the world below
and above.
Chuul Spore S er vants. Behind the myconid breeding
grounds is a narrow path leading up to a plateau and
the Garden of Welcome (area 5). Two chuul spore
servants (sec appendix C) guard this path. They don't
allow anyone to pass without Yrberop's permission.
which the ci rcle leader doesn't granr. even ar
Basidia's reque~t.

C H \I>TI::R 5 ( 1\ t;\'P.Rl I GilT ORO\ r

    The terraces along the southern rim of the cavern are
    narrower and not as fertile as the northern ones.

These terraces are quiet and calm. The only sounds
here are soft, "ploopy" splashes as water drips from
stalact1tes above onto the caps of oversized mushrooms
sproutmg from mushy earth.

This circle is the smallest in Neverlight Grove, since it is
merely the temporary horne for restless myconids that
brave the Underdark as scouts, patrols, and pathfinders.
Rasharoo. This circle leader is loyal to Basidia.
Frequent trips outside the grove have allowed Rasharoo
to notice the changes in Phylo and the entire colony
more sharply, and it now trusts nothing and no o ne
except Bas idia. Its paranoia isn't the product of
Zuggtmoy's corruption. however, but of the rising
madness gripping the Underdark from the intrusion
of the demon lords. Tf the characters demonstrate
sympathy with Basidia or if the sovereign is with them,
Rasharoo discloses it has a few escape plans ready. and
has nutrient caches hidden along exit tunnels in case
Basidia decides it is better to abandon the grove and
return to a nomadic lifestyle.
Characters can climb the eastern corner of the
top terrace to reach area 5, and Rasharoo gladly
helps them if they head to the Garden of Welcome at
Basidia's request.

Among the myconicls, Rasharoo and its circle arc the
adventurers· best hope of finding a way back to the
surface. Rasharoo knows many promising paths, but
since myconids have no interest in the sunlit world, it
has never followed them all the way there. The circle
leader helps th e charac te rs only after they complete
Basidia's quest, assignin~ one of its explo re rs to guide
the characters to their destination.

    Phylo has converted this unused terrace for the exciting
    new ideas that Zuggtrnoy has inspired in it-ideas that
    are "too incredible'' for the rest of the colony to absorb
    at once. This so-called garden is just a sample of the
    horrors that Zuggtmoy, the Demon Queen of Fungi,
    intends to bring to the Underdark.


This plateau nses h1gher than the other terraces,
screened by a natural fence of soaring zurkhwood stalks.
Muffled murmunng can be heard from atop the plateau.
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