Algebra 1 Common Core Student Edition, Grade 8-9

(Marvins-Underground-K-12) #1

Bi g Ideas

We start with Bi g I d eas. E a c h c h a p te r is
organized around Big Ideas that convey the
key m athem atics concepts you w ill be studying
in the p ro g ra m. T a ke a lo o k a t th e B ig Id e a s o n
pages xxiv and xxv.

The C om m on C ore State S tandards have
a sim ilar organizing structure. They
begin w ith Conceptual Categories,
such as A lg e b ra o r Functions.
^ Within each category are
domains and clusters. £

Core S tate


Linear Functions

Chapter Preview5-1 Rat* of Chang* and Slop*

5-253 Direct Variation Slop-lntrcpt Form (^)
5-45-5 Polnt-Slope form Standard Form
5-45-7 Parallel and Prp Scatter Plots a
5-8 Graphing
B I G id e a s
VocabularyEnglish/ Spanish V
fng&shdirect variation,
Dnapwatlon.p. ptecwiw function,
form, p
Slop?, p. stopeHiMrc^t lornMi (^)
standard ms s $ s s & & Mlam, p. i
trend tox teterteptp
-,mm (^)
p iniMcept.p m
1 P r o p o r t i o n a l i t y
Esse n t i a l Q u e st i o n : W h at d o es t h e sl o p e
of a line indicate about the line?
2 Functions
Esse n t i a l Q u e st i o n : W h at i n f o r m at i o n
does the equation of a line give you?
3 M o d el i n g
Esse n t i a l Q u e st i o n : Ho w can y o u m ak e
predictions based on a scatter plot?
The Big I d eas are organizing ideas
fo r all o f the lessons in the p ro g ra m. A t the
beginning of each chapter, w e ll tell you
which Big Ideas you'll be studying. W e ll
also present an Esse n t i a l Q u e st i o n
fo r each Big Idea.

Choose! be1. IM ia m n f (^)
Z iheslopeofs S. Use form of a It.
(^4) 5. ' t twbiM’i bat mmu. Two lines sat p e r ,
1 P r o p o r t i o n a l i t y
In the graph o f a line, the
ratio for the slope indicates
the rate of change.
2 Fu n ct i o n s
There are several form s for
the equation o f a line. Each
form communicates different
in form ation. For instance,
from the point-slope form,
you can determine a point
and the slope of a line.
3 M o d e l i n g
You can m odel the trend
of the real-world data in
a scatter p lo t w ith the
equation o f a line. You can
use the equation to estim ate
or to make predictions.
In th e Ch ap t er Re v i e w at the end of the
chapter, you'll find an answer to the Essential
Question for each Big Idea. W e'll also remind
you o f the lesson(s) w here you studied the
concepts that support the Big Ideas.
Using Your Book f or Success ix

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