Algebra 1 Common Core Student Edition, Grade 8-9

(Marvins-Underground-K-12) #1

Ex p l o r i n g Con cept s

The lessons offer m any opportunities to explore concepts
in d iffe re n t co ntexts a n d th ro u g h d iffe re n t m e d ia.

Hi, I'm Serena. I never
have t o power down when
I am in math class now.

So l v i n g Sy st em s
by Graphing

For each chapter, there is Co m m o n

Co r e Per f o r m an ce Task th a t you

will work on throughout the chapter. See

pages xii and xiii for m ore inform ation.

TMk DescriptionPmllci (br maib« at OMrMn >ui Deed to dnip m lb* (o nl«t (be warn
Connecting the Task to the Math Practices At you cranpirtc dw? uti. ><aj1 apfih wvrrc) Standard* lor Mil hcroautal^


Here's another cool feature. Each lesson open
with a So l v e I t , a problem that helps
you connect w hat you know to an im portant
concept in the lesson. Do you notice how
the S olve It fra m e looks like it com es fro m a
c o m p u te r? T h a t's b e c a u s e a ll o f th e S o lv e Its
can be found a t Po w er A l g eb r m.

jP Common Core Performance Task
Marbles in Water

Sk i e r 21 1 0 f t / s
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