Algebra 1 Common Core Student Edition, Grade 8-9

(Marvins-Underground-K-12) #1

0 5 4 , T h in k A b o u t a Plan Jillian an d Tyson are shopping for knitting supplies. Jillian
w ants 3 balls of yarn an d 1 set of knitting needles. Tyson w ants 1 ball of yarn an d
2 sets of knitting needles. Each ball of yarn costs $6.25. If th eir total cost is $34.60,
w hat is th e cost of 1 set of knitting needles?

  • How can th e m odel at th e right help you solve
    the problem?

  • How does th e m odel tell you w hich
    operations to use in th e equation?

  1. Online Video Games Angie a n d Kenny play
    online video gam es. Angie buys 1 software package an d 3 m o n th s of gam e play.
    Kenny buys 1 software package an d 2 m o n th s of gam e play. Each software package
    costs $20. If th eir total cost is $115, w h at is th e cost of one m o n th of gam e play?
    5 6. E rro r A n alys is D escribe an d correct th e error in solving the eq u a tio n at
    th e right.

  2. Reasoning Suppose you want to solve -4 m + 5 + 6 m = -3. What would
    you do as your first step? Explain.

  3. W riting D escribe two ways in w hich you can solve —|( 5 x - 9) = 17.

  4. Bowling Three friends go bowling. The cost p e r p erso n p er gam e is $5.30.
    The cost to rent shoes is $2.50 p e r person. Their total cost is $55.20. How
    m any gam es did they play?

  5. Moving Expenses A college stu d e n t is m oving into a cam pus dorm itory. The
    stu d en t rents a m oving truck for $19.95 plus $.99 p er mile. Before retu rn in g the
    truck, th e stu d e n t fills th e ta n k w ith gasoline, w hich costs $65.32. The total cost is
    $144.67. H ow m any m iles did th e stu d en t drive th e truck?

Geometry Find the value of x. (Hint: The sum of the angle measures of a
quadrilateral is 360°.)

(3x + 2)°

  1. Dining Out You are ordering a m eal an d have $15 to spend. The re sta u ran t charges
    6 % sales tax. You p lan to leave a 15% tip. The eq u a tio n c = x + 0.06x + 0.15x
    gives th e total cost c of your m eal, w here x is th e cost before tax an d tip. W hat is the
    m axim um a m o u n t you can sp en d before tax an d tip?

  2. Savings You have $85 in your b a n k account. Each w eek you p la n to deposit $8 from
    your allow ance a n d $15 from your paycheck. The eq u a tio n b = 85 + (15 + 8 )m
    gives th e a m o u n t b in your b a n k ac co u n t after w weeks. How m any w eeks from now
    will you have $175 in your b a n k account?


1 ..............................34.60................................ 4
6.25 6.25 6.25 X 6.25 XX

Jillian Tyson

G j Lesso n 2-3 So l v i n g M u l t i - St e p Eq u a t i o n s^99
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