Algebra 1 Common Core Student Edition, Grade 8-9

(Marvins-Underground-K-12) #1
Acing the Test
Doing well on tests, whether they are chapter
tests o r state assessm ents, d e p e n d s o n a d e e p
understanding o f math concepts, fluency with
calculations and com putations, and strong
problem -solving abilities.

All of these opportunities for practice
help you prepare for assessments
th ro u g h o u t the y e a r inclu d in g
the assessm ents to m easure y o u r
proficiency with the
Common Core
State Standards.
0/ >,m o n Co * e

S' *

lb# iiope of b hormmul tine W 3. wxl the »iap« of a vwtical

Fi*d tk* Uapc o( ifa. Ua e dui |Uhtc Arough « d i poif
«.(2.2),(U) 8. (-1,2), (0,5) 9. (-3, -2), (-3.2)?. (4,2),(0,2)

.lope- a-I-ft- 2
5-2 Direct Variation

Some questions on standardized
tests ask you to use a graph.
Read the sample question at
the right. Then follow the tips to
answer it.
Identifying the y-intercept may
help eliminate some possibilities.

What is an equation of the line shown

C7D y * f * - 1
>y* 3*

CO y = 3* - 1

Find the slope by using the point that represents the
y-intercept and another point on the line.

Think I f Through
You can see from die graph that
the y-intercept is - 1. So you
can eliminate choices B and D.
To get from (0, - 1 ) to (1,2),
move3 units up and 1 unit to
die right. The slope is f = 3. So
an equation is y ** 3* - 1. The
correct answer is C.

<0 Vocabulary Buiidor

k Review
tio n represents a d irec t v ariatio n If it has the form
x, where k * 0. The coefficient k is the co n s ta n t

tse y varies directly with , and y = 15 w h e n = 5.
a direct variation equation th at relates and y. W hat
value ofy w h e n
= 9?
= kx Start with the general form of a direct variation.
= k{ 5) Substitute 5 for x and 15 for y.
» k Divide each side by 5 to solve for k.
= 3 Write an equation. Substitute 3 for k in y = kx.
(uationy ® 3
relate s a n d y .W h e n = 9 ,y = 3(9),

Suppose y varies direcdy with *. Write a direct variation
equation th at relates * and y. Then find th e value of y when
* = 7.

  1. y 8 w hen

  2. y 3 when =

        1. y 15 when * 6.

      1. y * - 4 w hen » 4.
        For th e da ta in each table, tell w hether y varies directly
        w ith
        . If it does, write a n eq uation for the direct variation.

  3. ISIS -1 -6 C M-3 7.
    2 3 - 1 2.
    512 2-
    9 24 5 -1 2 5

At the end of the chapter, you'll find a Quick R©vi©W
of the concepts in the chapter and a few examples and
exercises so you can check y o u r skill a t solving problem s
related to the concepts.


  1. An ,.>%« ihr snputiun, lortpmUlylMmw iw qu» h • n u Hi vHUn* »
    tfiarma) nahAe uni v»Uw.

Selected ResponseBm4 tarl. quMloa Then vwtw ih* IffUw of Uw otrtta

  1. IVu man’ti piw hvneeUf.lOftt (Am mfeKik' pSon o b n r h rof t»ik Bow pay. )'/• 'theput M|WKl»a
    ypIkhw , 0. Iiu - Ml / gwn cb, 12 uu bnonmbor wd m Urn! la. ol imnau «(»oouMy
    nd> I«3ln* tOttrt s« nr intqtuMy trprcvtHt «

In th e C u m u la tiv e S ta n d a rd s R e v ie w
at the end of the chapter, you'll
also find Tip s f o r Su ccess,
rem inders to help w ith problem
solving. W e include problem s of all
different formats and types so you
can feel com fortable w ith any test
item o n y o u r state assessm ent.

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