Algebra 1 Common Core Student Edition, Grade 8-9

(Marvins-Underground-K-12) #1

St a n d a r d s for Mathematical Practice

The Common Core State Standards are made of tw o separate,
but equally important sets of standards:

  • St an d ar d s for Mathematical Content

  • St an d ar d s for Mathematical Practice

The Math Content Standards are grade-specific, w hile the
Math Practices Standards are the same from Kindergarten
th ro u g h High School. The Math Practices describe qualities
and habits of mind that strong mathematical thinkers exhibit.

The eight Standards for M athem atical Practice, numbered
1 th ro u g h 8, can be p u t into th e fo u r groups show n on this page
and th e next. Included w ith th e sta te m e n t o f each standard is a
description of what the Math Practice means for you.

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Making Sense of and Solving Problems

  1. M ake sense o f problem s and persevere in solving them.
    When you make sense o f problems, you can explain the meaning o f the problem, and you are able to find
    an entry point to its solution and plan a solution pathway. You can look at a problem and analyze givens,
    constraints, relationships, and goals. You can th in k o f similar problems or can break the problem into
    easier-to-solve problems. You are able to track your progress as you w o rk through the solution and check
    your answer using a different method. As you work through your solution, you frequently check whether
    the results you are g etting make sense.

  2. A ttend to precision.
    You attend to precision w hen you communicate clearly and precisely the approach you used to solve a
    problem, and you also understand the approaches that your classmates used. You identify the meaning
    of symbols that you use, you specify units of measure, and you include labels on the axes of graphs.
    Your answers are expressed w ith the appropriate degree of accuracy. You are able to give clear, concise
    definitions o f math terms.

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