Algebra 1 Common Core Student Edition, Grade 8-9

(Marvins-Underground-K-12) #1
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Po w erAlgebra, com
Welcome to Algebra 1. Pearson Algebra 1 Common Core Edition is
part of a blended digital and print environment for the study of high
school mathem atics. Take some tim e to look through the features o f our
mathematics program, starting with Po w er A l g eb r a.COI TI , the
site o f the d ig ita l features o f the p ro g ra m.
Hi, I' m Darius. My f r iend s Li n ear Funct i ons
and I wi l l b e show i ng you
the great features of
the Pearson Algebra 1
Co m m o n Co r e Ed i t i o n
Linear Fund Chapter Preview
5-1 Rat e o f Ch an g e an d Slo p e
5-2 Dir ect V ar i at i o n
5-3 Slo p e- l n t er cep t Form
5-4 Po int - Slo p e Form
5-5 St an d ar d Fo rm
5-6 Parallel an d Perp en d icu lar Lines
5-7 Scat t er Plo t s an d Tren d Lin es
5-8 Grap hin g A b so lu t e Value Fu nct ions
S-< S-5 Standard fPokrt-fdop
tnqtaMfunahVbjtttgmk _ _j Vocabulary
English/ Spanish Vocabulary Audio Online:
En g l i sh____Sp a n i sh
direct variatio n , p. 301 variacion directa
lin ea r equ atio n , p. 308 ____ecuaadn lineal
piecewise function, p. 348 funcidn de frag m e ntos
poin t-slo p e fo rm , p. 3 7 5 fo rm a p u nto-pendiente
rate o f change, p. 294 tasa de cambio
slope, p. 295 __pendiente
s lo pe-in tercept form , p. 308 forma pendiente-interct
st andard form , p. 322 forma normal
step function, p. 348 __funcidn escaldn
trend line, p. 337 Ifnea d e te ndencia
x-intercept, p. 322 __in tercep to e n x
y -in te rc e p t p. 308 __in tercepto e n v
On each chap t er o p ener, you w ill find a
listin g o f the o n lin e fe atu re s o f the p ro g ra m. Look fo
these butto ns th ro u g h o u t th e lessons.

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