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18 MARINER / 2016 - ISSUE 3

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laina Scheuchzer ’05, Asst. Professor
of Management, Loeb-Sullivan School of
International Business and Kirk Langford,
Asst. Professor at LSS, recently received the
International Association of Maritime and Port
Professionals (IAMPE) Accredited Port Executive
Professional Certification.
Scheuchzer and Langford are among 16 others
recognized in 2017 with this industry-wide
professional accreditation for port and maritime
professionals who have achieved notable industry
experience, professionalism and who have
completed a formal certified course of study in
executive port management.
Langford appreciated working with port direc-
tors from across the U.S. “They have their feet on
the ground,” he says, “and therefore have timely
and critically important perspectives that I can
take back to the students at MMA.”
Scheuchzer, a member of MMA faculty since
2014 says, “Our partnership and memo of un-
derstanding (MOU) with IAMPE provides great

opportunity to maintain a strong and continu-
ously updated link to the Maritime Port Industry.
“I am honored to be the first educator to
receive the Accredited Marine Port Executive
(AMPE) Professional Certification, and to then
provide our graduate students with the training
to receive their Marine Port Manager (MPM)
Certification from the IAMPE.”
Dean and LSS Professor Donald Maier signed
the MOU with IAMPE and
notes “IAMPE certification
is an exceptional oppor-
tunity for our faculty to
stay connected to industry
professionals and trends.
We are able to network with
executives and not only dis-
cuss trends but also provide
direction to the industry.
“The relationship with
IAMPE provides our faculty
with relevant course content,

and an external professional association review-
ing our program curriculum. More important-
ly, after completing the online or on-campus
graduate programs, our students are granted the
Maritime Port Manager certificate. Essentially,
in addition to receiving a master’s degree, our
students receive a professional certification. To
date, approximately 35 LSS alums have earned the
MPM certification.”

Photo by Billy Sims
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