Have The Relationship You Want

(Joyce) #1
(Children create new, different, fresh and VERY powerful bonds for a man, and create
deep“family” feelings in him – which makes you MORE attractive.)

Here’s the basic truth about love and relationship: A man can’t connect to you through his
mind, or his body, or what you have in common spiritually.

Those are all myths, and the reason why we so often struggle to truly connect with a man.
We think if only we say the right things and act the right way, as in the list above, it will
logically lead to a man adoring us and wanting us forever.

Only it doesn’t work that way.

Men are simple, but they’re not stupid. In some ways, they listen to their hearts and guts
way more than we women do.

All a man cares about is how he feels when he’s around you. He wants to feel turned on

  • sexually, emotionally and romantically – and he also wants to feel completely safe to be
    himself. That means totally, 100% accepted and loved for who he is.

If he doesn’t feel safe expressing who he is, he can’t really feel safe to be himself around
you, and that prevents him from truly connecting with you.

When You Give Him Safety, He Gives You Intimacy

The way a man will feel safe around you is if he feels that you feel safe to express who you
really are around him. That means no pretending, no denying, no stuffing down of your true
self. You can’t use your logic and intellect (or your body) to connect to him, and he can’t
think his way into loving you.

The ONLY way he can connect to you is through his heart, and the only way you can
connect to his heart is to go through YOUR heart. If you’re in touch with and constantly
sharing what’s in your heart with him, you’ll connect with his heart. Love will happen and
he’ll fall for you.

So here’s your job: To change the assumptions you’ve been operating under, and do

Even more than what you’re not doing – what isn’t working for you is what you ARE doing!

What isn’t working is the result of trying to be everything to a man that doesn’t connect
with his heart. You’re trying to be his best buddy, his therapist, his sex kitten, his business
partner or a woman he has a “family” obligation to.

We’ve all been taught to think this way, and do things this way, and then we wonder why
love isn’t showing up.

This happens because instead of operating from our hearts, we operate from our heads –
thinking, analyzing, figuring out, solving, doing, making things happen, explaining, managing

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