Have The Relationship You Want

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The 5 Keys

The 5 Keys To Creating A Great Relationship

“Many of us spend our lives saying we would give anything for love, while we’re often really pushing it
away.” (Merle Shain)

If you’re not used to it, love can be scary. If you’re used to always being in control, being in
love can feel like being crazy.

Learning to “undo” is much easier when you go in baby steps and have simple, practical
techniques that really work. That’s where my Tools come in. And don’t worry, you can go
through each one at your own pace. To make things even easier, I’ve broken them down into
my 5 Keys to a Great Relationship – each of the 5 Keys lays a foundation for the next.


  1. Love Yourself Absolutely

  2. Choose Feminine Energy

  3. Give Up Control And Get Partnership

  4. Receive Love From The Masculine

  5. Express The Feminine

Think of these 5 Keys as your roadmap to the land of intimacy – filled with excitement,
vulnerability, sensuality, respect and love.

Key 1: “Love Yourself Absolutely” is about your beliefs. Beliefs about men, about any one
particular man, beliefs about how relationships work, how the differences between men
and women work – and exactly why you need to change your beliefs to get what you want in

Key 2: “Choose Feminine Energy” is about feminine/masculine energy, and why it’s so
important to reclaim your feminine “girl” energy, give a real job to your masculine “boy”
energy and know how to switch hats between the two.

We women have been trained to operate 100% of the time in our boy energies, and that
pretty much ensures we will never fully attract a masculine-energy man who knows how to
love us. In this section, you’ll be able to decide which energy primarily works best for you
and your relationship, when to use your different energies, and how to make subtle shifts in

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