Have The Relationship You Want

(Joyce) #1

A Special Message For You...

You can have the relationship you want. You can be cherished and adored. You can be
happy. And it can happen quickly.

I know, because I’ve been where you are right now – wanting so desperately to feel
completely loved.

When I finally learned how to not only attract a good man, but to inspire his lifelong
devotion and make sure our connection was always deepening – I did it using the Tools in
this book.

Many years ago when I was single, I was as unhappy with my love life as any woman I’ve
ever coached. I had no idea what “I was doing wrong” – or why every “relationship” I was
involved in, and every man I loved, seemed to be more a figment of my imagination than
anything real.

I’d invest all my time, love, energy – even over years – into something that turned out
to be “friends with benefits” or just evaporated into thin air. I questioned my judgment. I
questioned my attractiveness.

And then I met my husband.

Only a few years into the marriage with this man who clearly loved me and wanted to be
with me, I was as unhappy, unfulfilled and confused as I’d ever been.

I call these “the awful years” of my marriage. I was bouncing in and out of it emotionally,
I was anxious, miserable, furious, sleepless and scared. There was little sex, little fun and no

Couple’s therapy didn’t help at all – it made me feel angrier and even more helpless.
Desperate, I read, experimented, made stuff up and concentrated on doing what I could do
to make myself feel better.

So – it was a total shock when my marriage turned completely around in two weeks.

Now, my relationship with my husband is truly sensational – and it gets better every day.

In these pages, I’ll show you how to transform your own relationship or make that one
special man fall deeply in love with you, regardless of how bad things seem right now. And
you can do it all by yourself, without the cooperation of your man, without even talking
to him about it – practically overnight. (You can read all about my story and exactly how I
transformed my own love life at the end of the book.)

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