Have The Relationship You Want

(Joyce) #1



The 5 Keys To A Great relationship

Key 1: Fall In Love With Yourself Absolutely

Chapter 1 Stop Believing Your Nasty Voice & Love Yourself

Tool: Love Your Nasty Voice
Exercise: How To Love Yourself

Chapter 2 Visualize What You Want

Exercise: Your Ideal Relationship

Chapter 3 Turn Away From Icky-Feeling Thoughts

Chapter 4 Choose Relationship And Commit To Having It

Exercise: How Do You Decide If He’s Worth It?
Key 2: Choose Feminine Energy

Chapter 5 Masculine And Feminine Energy

Key 3: Give Up Control And Get Partnership

Chapter 6 Give Up Control

Exercise: Identifying Your Overfunctioning
Tool: Giving Up Control

Chapter 7 Allow Him To Take The Lead

Chapter 8 The Rori Raye Mantra

Key 4: Receive Love From The Masculine

Chapter 9 Support The Team

Chapter 10 The Truth About Men

Chapter 11 Respect The Masculine

The 4 Rules For Respecting The Masculine Partner

Chapter 12 Why We Should Appreciate Instead Of Criticize

Exercise: Finding Appreciation
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